Friday, March 6, 2009


My kids were watching Noggin...what I always turn on when I want them to leave me alone. Unless Sid the Science Kid or Word World is on, of course. Anyway, I glanced up to see a charicature of who I thought was Barack Obama. Guess what? It was. I turned up the volume to find a poem about the president and how he likes to go for walks on beaches. He also loves Scrabble. Who knew? The things you learn on Noggin. It directed kids to for more info on Barack Obama.
Politically, I'm not an Obama fan...although I liked him better before he allowed 8500 earmarks in the current budget bill. Don't get me started. I really don't want to pay for studies on Swine Odor via my taxes!
Here is my question. Does Nick Jr do a segment on every president? Was there one on Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes? Uh...I doubt it. (And I realize Noggin was not around back then.)
My kids knew exactly who it was when the cartoon came on and they started talking about Barack Obama...although it sounds more like Raback Obama.
Just thought it was interesting.

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