Sunday, March 15, 2009

Third and Final Day in New York City

Today we decided to check out a church that we've heard about. It gets national attention and rave reviews. It's called Redeemer Presbyterian Church and they meet on the West side as well as the East, with many services throughout the weekend. We attended the Upper East Side Service at Hunter College Auditorium. The auditorium was completely full and we barely got a seat as we missed the train by a split second. The pastor preached on the blood of Christ and why we need a sacrifice for our sin. It was eloquent and intellectual with a spiritual lesson intertwined. Jason and I could both see ourselves attending this church.

Next we ventured to Serendipity, made famous by the movie of the same title with John Cusack. Lunch was excellent as I had a Virginia Slim Open Sandwich and Jason enjoyed a cheddar omlette. No Mimosas though and that was the downside, sadly. They must be known for their desserts because I noticed many schmancy coffees, hot chocolates and sundaes passing our table. I wasn't ready for dessert so early in the day though and totally missed out. I'm regretting it now.

We then went into the first Macy's store where they had wooden escalators. Amazing. We took pictures in front of Bloomingdales and the Empire State building. We decided not to go up in it because Jason has already done it and I'm waiting until we can bring the kids. It's free for kids under the age of 6. Free! We're definitely coming back! =) When we do, I'll have to blog all the great things there are to do with kids in this grand city.

We then took the subway to Union Station just to see it. Finally, we took our last subway ride back to 51st and Lex (East Midtown) to load up the car and head out of dodge. 9 hours home and I plan to SLEEP. J's gonna love that.

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