Monday, March 2, 2009

The price of shoes these days!

I'm frugal...or at least that's how I like to see myself. Others might say cheap. I don't mind. I consider it a challenge to find a better price. Take Boy Wondertwin's (BWT) shoes for example. This poor child has been shoeless for weeks. Not on purpose, mind you. He went through a huge growth spirt. He went from a size 9.5 to a 12 over the course of a few months without me knowing it. Finally it must have gotten painful because he told me his shoes were too small. That week I went out to find a nice pair of running shoes. I searched the city looking for an affordable deal. After a few days of shopping, I found a pair of NICE New Balance for $18. I was quite happy with the price since shoes seem to run around $30 these days! Completely absurd, in my opinion!

BWT was thrilled with the shoes and wore them quite often over the next 2 weeks. Soon after I realized that a part of the shoe had already frayed. Ugh! That is so frustrating. I returned the shoes, hoping I could find the same pair. Unfortunately since I got a bargain the first time around there weren't any left! I then embarked on a 2 week mission to find a deal on shoes. Finally yesterday we stopped in Lodi (halfway between Columbus and Cleveland) at the outlet mall. After 3 stores *I found a pair of Nikes for $14*! Yes! Only drawback?? They have shoelaces. BWT is now 5. It's time to learn how to tie, I guess!

And yes! I know time is money. I suppose we can afford $30 to buy BWT a new pair of shoes. Honestly it's the principal of the whole thing. It's also psychological, it's even pragmatic. This child will wear these shoes for 6 months at most before I have to embark on a new journey to find another deal. And if I can pay $14 for a new pair of Nikes, why pay $45? My only consolation? At least Little Dude (BWT's little brother) will be able to wear them when BWT is done. (Also, I've got to get the deals when I can. Soon these children will have opinions on what they wear and I won't have as much control over how much is spent. I'm living it up while I can!)

So I'm stubborn, I can't help it. It's genetic. Someday though, I will be able to retire (assuming the stock market recovers...with the DOW at 6700 it's not looking good) and I'll be thanking my 35 year old self for saving all those pennies way back when. If I save $16 on my 3 children's' shoes, then I have $48 extra dollars ($16 X 3kids) per cycle of shoe purchases. That's not new car money but it pays for my haircut...and then some. That's how I justify my stubbornness anyway. =)

* I said a prayer as I toured the outlet mall in 15 degree weather. I prayed that God would provide a sweet pair of shoes for BWT and that I would find a great deal. He provided. Why don't I pray more?

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