Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Am I a girl or a boy?

I have a 2 year old. He's going through that stage where he's figuring out that there are girls and boys out there. He's pretty sure that he's a boy (and a big boy at can't call him a baby boy or there will be hades to pay, I assure you!)
Today he found my makeup. I let him unzip the makeup bag and take everything out. He asked what everything was. I let him put on some lotion. Then he put on some chapstick. Then he wanted to put on blush. Oh, what could it hurt.
So I put on a little (very little) blush. Then he wanted lipstick, mascara etc. I appeased him and helped him with a tiny bit of everything.
I tell you, this boy has KILLER eye lashes. I knew they were long but they looked so good with mascara (a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit...please don't call fact, you wouldn't even know it was there unless you knew I put it on him.)
My 5 year old boy was watching all of this happen and he was saying, "Mom, Daddy is not going to be happy." I said, "It's okay, we won't tell Daddy."
C'mon, there are other moms out there who have done this right?

Daddy may find out anyway though because the Little Dude was running around the house saying, "Me a girl, Mommy, Me a girl." We'll see what Daddy says.
I took a picture. I'll post it when I get it off my phone.


  1. I don't wear makeup so I havn't done it, but I would if he asked. I did make up my nephew once. All in good sweet fun.

  2. thank you tanya. I feel better now. My husband was not so happy. Little dude was so curious tho. all in good fun, like you said. =)

  3. My boys have definitely applied make-up and nail polish, have dressed up in princess costumes, etc. Really, it's like face paint. And it's hard for little kids to dress up like a Daddy, but make-up is a way to dress up like a Mommy! Hmm... maybe you guys can get one of those Veet razor shaped things that just have rubber on the end instead of a blade... apply some shaving cream to his face, let him pretend to shave, and then put on some aftershave! Then it will negate any effects of the make-up. ;)