Friday, March 13, 2009

Itinerary YaYa

We're in the Big Apple. Just me and hubby. Yep, left the 3 banschees at home with Grammy. They are loving it, we are loving it and Grammy might be ripping her hair out. If so she'll just give them some more chocolate and give herself a glass of wine. She'll survive =)

We arrived in NYC at 2:30 in the morning. We parked at a $41 dollar a day garage. At first I thought that was insane but it sure beats finding a free spot in this city and moving the car every 24 hours or so. We are living it up. Thankfully my sweet friend Yaya (named by my kids) has a flat in Midtown Manhattan. She happened to be traveling to Austin (where I lived for a few years) when we wanted to visit her in NYC so somehow, J and I ended up with a free place to stay for our 3 night, 4 day adventure sans kids.

When we arrived we found the 4 day itinerary (created by Yaya) with a map and just about anything you'd ever want to know about this grand city. Yaya rocks!

Today we started out with a trip to Brooklyn (by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge) where we ate at Grimaldi's Pizzaria which is underneath the bridge. Excellent pizza, by the way. It's one of those "must eat" places when you come to NYC, so we hear. Next we went to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Okay, so it's not Graeter's Ice Cream (let's face it...nothing is) but it was darned good. I'd eat it again in a heartbeat. A generous sized cone (1 scoop) was $3.50. A little steep but hey, we're on vacation.

Next we took the subway to Wall Street and thankfully no one was hanging themselves's been a positive week, finally. After Wall Street we ventured into SOHO (South of Houston Street...pronounced House-ton...not like the city in TX as you probably know) where we ate at Mexican Radio
I had a bowl of Tortilla soup (fabulous btw) and Jason had chips, salsa and 2 margaritas. Nice dinner. I did help him with the margaritas, I must admit.
Our bill was over $37. This is not a cheap city.

I begged Jason to step into Aroma Expresso (a chain of coffee shops with pastries etc) and I had an amazing chocolate souffle with dripping chocolate inside the cake. If it would have been hot it would have been to die for. I also had a cafe au lait. Jason ate nothing and simply watched me down 750 calories of dessert. Dang it! He gave up desserts for the month...nice timing.

That was day one. These little fish are surviving the big pond...barely. =)

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  1. Oh wow! Congratulations! That sounds absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to hear more updates.