Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fitness Assessment

I've finally found enough courage to do it. I've signed up for the Fitness Assessment that is a free service at my athletic club. I was made aware of it when I first toured the club. That was 9 months ago. Exercising in the neighborhood was a 3 day per week activity so I wasn't completely sedentary. I could walk 5-9 miles on any given day but if you were to ask me to run only? I would have gone 3 miles at most.
For the first 6 months at the club I hung out on the treadmill and the eliptical with brief stints on the stair climber. I would walk or climb for an hour or so. Sometimes I stopped by the weights.
Well, for the past 3 months I've been attending the classes that are offered as well as exercising (even running) on the treadmill and other machines. Since I've been spending 5 days a week at the club, I've finally gotten up enough courage to take the fitness assessment. During this assessment, they take height, weight, test cardio vascular potential and flexibility. It's intimidating enough that they access such personal information but I was especially dismayed when they told my 32 year old friend that she was 40 years old physically. 40? If they tell me I'm 40, I may cry. Seriously. 40? So what if I floss daily? Do they take that into account? What if I wear sunscreen? I guess that's another age test. Wish me luck. I'll update tomorrow...unless they tell me I'm 40.

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