Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deal at Chick Fila-Columbus

If you live in the Columbus Metro, I highly recommend the deal that Chick Fila has going right now. If you buy a shamrock for $1 (supporting MDA, I think???) you will get a coupon for a FREE Chick Fila Chicken sandwich, a 8 piece nugget or a 3 piece chicken strip. This saves at least $1.85 per chicken selection.
Yesterday I took my 3 little people. We ordered one sanwich and 2 8 piece nuggets. The bill was $0 with my 3 coupons, costing me $3 total. Usually that order would be closer to $10. In my excitement, I bought 22 more coupons. Sadly, they expire on June 30th so my family will be eating a lot of Chick Fila in the next 3 months, but hey, we'll be saving mucho dinero! =)


  1. The ones here have great (soundproof) indoor playgrounds! I wish we had those $1 deals though. :(

  2. Yes! Soundproof. That's what I always say too. Friends want to go to McD's or BK and I always try to direct us toward Chick Fila. Most of it is the soundproof thing. It's just so peaceful there when the kids are playing (in a soundproof and higly padded room) and adults can have an uninterrupted conversation...well, almost.