Thursday, September 30, 2010


The thing I've looked forward to for the past 6.5 years is finally being realized.  I'm getting a small taste of what it is to be alone.  I thought it was just an imaginary thing or maybe something that just the lucky few got to experience.  Well, folks, it's happening to me.  12 hours per week I'm free to come and go as I please.  I can clean or not.  I can shop or not.  I can work (uninterrupted) for long hours or grab a cup of coffee.  I'm the master of my own destiny.  Okay, so that's taking it a little far but really, I'm alone. And I'm enjoying.


Amazing that one could forget the feeling of alone.  Not loneliness, mind you.  Just alone.

Fear has struck though in the midst of being alone.  In 11 months I will be alone for 7 straight hours a day.  No one to take to Library Story Time.  No one to interrupt my shopping trip with an emergency stop in the bathroom.  No nasty poop in the shoes to clean up.  All the sweet times that I've enjoyed with my trio over the years are coming to an end.  Now I'm...emotional. 

I couldn't wait for the twins to go to first grade and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  Little Dude and I are living it up.  I've already earned a free Menchies Yogurt...that means we've been there 9 times since school started.  9 times. 

Yesterday I watched a 40 some year old woman walk out of Menchies with a huge yogurt in hand...alone.  That's going to be me.  Feeding my Menchies addiction all by myself.  I'm going to miss my little buddy.  You're wondering why I'm freaking about this in September...a full 11 months before Little Dude goes to Kindergarten.  Well I just found out that our district will be installing Full Day Kindergarten in the Fall of 2011 and I was counting on half day.  Not sure how I feel about it all yet.  I know Full Day will be good for Little Dude.  I think he needs it but amazingly I'm going to miss the little guy.  A lot.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, my dear friend at Diagnosis Urine is going to love this.  I think of you when I smell urine.  Which is quite often unfortunately.  Not unfortunately that I'm thinking of you but unfortunate at how often I smell urine.

I walked into my lower level this morning, passing the laundry room and smelled something so wrank.  I don't even know if rank is spelled with a W in the traditional form but if not, this smell in the laundry made WRANK earn it's W.  It high heavens as my grandma would say.  Holy mackerel.  Nasty.

I got to the bottom of it in quite a literal sense.  At the very bottom of the laundry basket was 2 VERY used Underjams and a knotted up hot mess of shorts, pjs and sheets that were all dripping in urine.  Not sure what happened last night in one of the boys' bedrooms but I almost vomited. 

Somehow I'm celebrating in all of this.  Why?  Someone has finally learned to clean up their own wet mess so I didn't have to strip the sheets.  We celebrate the little things around here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, that lovely scent of...

Mildew.  I live in a bi-level which puts the laundry in some la-la land of above and below ground.  It's quite a large space for a lower level and the windows are full so there is a lot of light.  Since it's half underground though, the air is more damp.  This creates issues with laundry.  For whatever reason that only a meterologist could fully diagnose, my clothes never seem to be fully dry no matter the timing on the dryer.  Usually it's easily remedied with patience but when the clothes begin to pile up they don't always get their necessary allotment in the dry.  Thus the odiferous scent of mildew.  Pretty sure Jessica Simpson will be coming out with it in her next line of perfumes.  I've got to find another shirt.  Ick.  At least it's my pjs and not some shirt that I'm stuck in all day long.  I think I'm going to puke.

And, by the way, I'm making a come back via the web.  I've been on the DL with MAJOR computer/printer issues.  After wrestling with tech demons, we've given up.  The new laptop is configuring itself as we speak.  Look for new posts this week.  I hope.

In the meantime, my Savings Blog got several shout outs from the BIG Blogs today so we are enjoying a myriad of hits from all over the country.  Stop by 4Our2Cents to see what you can't afford to miss!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Plain Weird, Right?

Back to Facebook.  Seems like I blog about it a lot.  I have this one FB friend from high school who tends to write 9 out of 10 status updates about his wife.  He gets mushy about her or tells everyone else on Facebook about how much better his wife and/or marriage is than everyone elses.  It's quite odd...I think.

Not to pu pu on his marriage or love for his wife or anything but really.  I'd be so embarrassed if my husband was gushing on facebook about me.  I'd be devasted, actually.  I hid his status updates quite a while ago but somehow ended up on this page today.  Again, you guessed it. More gushing or bragging or whatever. It's just...I don't know. Kind of creepy.  Seems quite unlike him...or at least who he used to be. 

Anyway, weird.

Okay, and I had to add this.  My uncle just got on FB and that is strange enough in itself BUT he just put up pictures of some of his friends and titled it "BFFs".  Hmm...did I mention he's 60?  Weird.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Definitely Worth Reading...

I've been having computer problems as of late.  My battery is pretty much non-existant and my plug is shot.  All in all, I can spend about a minute or two on the computer before it shuts off.  Annoying.  My excuse for not blogging. 
I have found a blog or two to read in the past few days.  Check out this post here and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

$40 worth of Neutrogena! Sign up Now!

There is a contest over at 4our2Cents!  There are 4 ways to enter so head on over there now to win!  By the way, I have this new Neutrogena Skin Care System and it is GREAT stuff!

Good luck!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last night before bedtime Boy Wondertwin and I were having a little chat.  He asked, "Mommy, when you were in Kindergarten or 1st grade did you ever have a boyfriend?"  I said, "Yes, I used to chase a little boy all over the playground in Kindergarten".  I left out the part about how we used to try to KISS him!!! Ha!

Anyway, I said, "Why, BWT, is there a girl you like?"

"Yes" he said shyly, "The girl who sits next to me and I can't remember her name but she might be my girlfriend soon but she isn't yet."

"Really, Buddy?" I asked, "What makes you think that?"

"Well, she drops her pencil a lot and I have to pick it up for her."

I tried sooo hard not to laugh.  The games girls play...and oh those games start sooo young.

Boy Wondertwin is smitten, folks.