Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Disney Admission

Going to Disney in 2010? Check out this LINK HERE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funniest Status Update of the Day

Courtesy of a FaceBook Friend via Status Update:

Jason would like to publicly thank the lady in line who picked the gum off the back of my shirt. The same gum that I had unsuccessfully flicked out the window about an hour earlier.

A Reconciliation?

I, along with an apparent 9 million other people, have stopped watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. More accurately, I've stopped keeping up with it. I have not been a regular viewer ever, although I did enjoy the first 2 specials before their series began. You know, when she was like the rest of us, struggling to chase kids without the help of a nanny or a hair stylist.

Today her face (Kate's, that is) was plastered to my inbox so of course I clicked. I'm weak, what can I say.

What snagged me was "Jon puts halt to Divorce" or something like that. I'm sorry. I had to click on it. It's the voyuer in me...that and I have to say, I've been praying for this couple and their sweet kids. It's just not right what those 8 have been through...or that there are 8 of them, in my opinion. But I'll keep that part to myself.

I'm all about big families. The more the merrier if you can take care of them but after a high risk twin pregnancy (no invitro involved) I know how scary it is to bring 2 into the world at once. We aren't goats, people. Sextuplets is just unfathomable to me.

I truly believe that NO marriage is beyond the healing powers of our Great and Awesome God. I obviously don't know what is at work here in this situation and technically it's none of my business but I'm praying for the best for this couple and those sweet children.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Freakin' Kids

It's officially 10:25PM and my children are not asleep. My hub and I are so tired that neither of us is getting our tush off the couch to deal with their madness. How can we be crashed while the kids are up and kickin?
And if Girl Wondertwin comes in one more time and says, "Uh, uh, uh, uh, mom, uh, uh, uh do you remember, uh, uh, uh"
At this point I say, "Bed, NOW"
10 minutes later, same thing, repeat performance.
Oh will they be regretting it if/when I get myself off this couch and deal with this banschees...
And hubby is hiding in the Lower Level. Thanks J.

New Friends

I think I've posted something very similar to this before. Does anyone else suffer from great angst when making new friends? Geesh! It's my 4th decade on this earth and you'd think it would get easier. Instead it's harder. Way harder.

It's not just hard because I'm in my mid 30's and would rather fall back the oldies/goodies but I've also fallen into a very tight knit neighborhood and elementary school. I'm slowly realizing that everyone is related somehow and beneath the surface lie the Desperate Housewives of this Midwest city. I'm sure this is the case in every neighborhood in the country. It's just new to me to be in such a small network again...almost like high school.

Don't get me wrong. It's time to settle down, make this place home and make some new friends. With my kids in school I now have an opportunity to branch out and make friends with their new friends' parents. Community is a natural longing I think but so is safety and security. Tell me. Is this angst normal? Tell me please.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sharkfin Update

Another Sharkfin sighting today. He has 4 teeth...just so you know.

Yucky, Smelly Messes

So I can't believe that I'm sharing this on a post but we're all close, personal friends, right? Just a tight little circle. So here it goes.

Little Dude created the BIGGEST mess ever today. I woke up this morning to a smell that is easily identified by any mom. The scent of feces was permeating every nook and cranny of our home and I was ready to puke.

After utilizing my best sleuth skills, I found the culprit. Little Dude had defecated in a pink Transformers costume while sleeping. Who poops in their sleep? (Or, what male sleeps in a pink transformer outfit?)

Apparently that's nothing for a 3 year old. He must have woken up in the midst of the action because then, according to my best detective skills, he must have ripped off the pink suit and dragged it down his legs (in the middle of the night, might I add), stepped all over it, and then slid it down the hallway, down the stairs and to the laundry room. How do I know this? He left a trail and ICK! Was it nasty!

When I woke him up this morning I found his legs AND feet covered in DRIED poop. I threw him in the tub while I scrubbed his room, the hallway and laundry room. Needless to say we were VERY late to Bible Study this morning.

I felt the need to blog about this for 2 reasons. One, I knew you could relate. Two, I want it chronicled so I can look back at this post the next time I'm the least bit tempted to have another baby.

Little Dude has been potty trained for over a year now and we have been downright spoiled. It's just once in a great while that an incident like the above happens. When it does though, he succeeds with flying colors. Nasty.

No worries, though. I've anti-bacterialed (that's a verb, right?) every square inch of our house and I think that disgusting smell is gone...I think. Or maybe I'm just so used to it that I don't recognize it anymore. Sad.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Friend Jen

I have a friend who is seriously the energizer bunny. She just goes and goes. Her plate is always full but you wouldn't ever know it. She can balance like nobody's business. You know that saying? The one for the military and how they accomplish more before 6AM than most people do all day? That's my friend Jen.

I've known her for 20 years now and I've been in constant awe for what she can handle. Just recently she had her 4th and 5th child. Yep, twins. You wouldn't even know it. Somehow she has just kept ticking like twins were the average, everyday experience.

It just so happens that Jen had 2 college students living with her over the summer. After a weekend at her parents' house, she returned to her own home and her own coffee. For 4 days Jen was dragging. All she could think of was that her trip home had been more tiring than she thought and she just couldn't catch up on her sleep. It wasn't until 4 days later that Jen realized her college student guest had switched out the coffee from caff to decaf.

Finally her Achilles heel was exposed.

After being in awe of my energizer bunny friend for 20 years, I've finally discovered her secret. Coffee. If only I could handle caffeine without becoming a jittery mess. Maybe I could raise 5 kids with my hands tied behind my back too.

Nope, probably not.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny thing...

So, I mentioned in the previous post that I've been busy. One thing that has been time consuming recently is my voluntary status with an organization called International Friendships INC. It serves the international students at Ohio State and many other universities in the region.

Yesterday I participated in the annual garage sale day. This is where over 75 people from churches all over the city volunteer to drive 200+ international students all over town in order for them to furnish their dorms/apartments.

I had 3 Chinese girls in my car for 4 hours yesterday afternoon. I learned a lot from these girls including one interesting little fact. The Chinese do not use sheets. They don't use sheets. What? Apparently they lay on a mattress with a blanket on top of them. From my days in China I know there are sheets in the country and in fact, I used sheets while I was there, both on sleeping trains and hotels. It seems though that the average Chinese person is not accustomed to sheets.

I told my friend Faby (who works with internationals on a daily basis) that her goal needs to be converting these Chinese people to sheets! Really? Can you imagine a life without sheets? Goodness.

Shame on Me!

It's been 5 days since my last post. Oh the horrors. I have nothing to say for myself other than I've been running around with my head cut off. When I come up for air again, hopefully I'll post something creative and worthy of the written word. Hopefully.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Dude's Big Day

This marks the first day of preschool for Little Dude. I contemplated a tear of sadness but instead decided to party in the streets. Marc's and Kroger was all I could accomplish in the short 2.5 hours. Do you hear me complaining? I loved every minute of it, although it did give me a minute to realize that I'm going to have my life back again one of these days. And then what will I do with myself? That's a question to be answered another day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aren't they a little young?

So Girl Wondertwin keeps telling me that she has a boyfriend. This is an excerpt from today's dinner conversation:

GWT: I'm going to keep telling "D" that he is my boyfriend.

Me: What does "D" say when you tell him that?

GWT: He says I'm his girlfriend.

Me: Where did you hear those words, boyfriend and girlfriend?

GWT: Well, Evan and Ella are bfriend and gfriend and so D is my bfriend.

She's 5. Any bets on how long "D" is her boyfriend?

It's getting a little weird around here.

Not sure if I've blogged about it but my husband is NOTORIOUS for doing very strange things in his sleep. I'll blog on that later but it looks like my oldest son got the "weird sleeping" gene.

Last night hubby and I were in the living room watching a movie. When it finished, J went into the kitchen to get some milk and this is what he found.

We have no idea what happened. Did he sleepwalk to the fridge? Was he thirsty but too tired to get a drink? And how long was the fridge open? Of course I'm more worried about wasted electricity than my son sleeping on a hard stone floor. I'm blaming hubby's genes on this one!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wanna Laugh?

Skip ahead to 2:40 or so if you don't want to watch the whole thing. THIS IS HILARIOUS! Well worth the watch!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom, I'm Falling In Love

Yep. You read that right. That phrase came out of the mouth of 5 year old Girl Wondertwin. She's "falling in love". REally? Really? You are 5!

There is a little boy in his class and she is diggin' his chilli. Does anyone say that anymore? Now, before I start freakin' (because I really can't deal with boy problems before she enters her 2nd decade of life) I will continue to remind myself of this. She also told me today, "Mom, I think Winston (my mom's dog)is falling in love with me". My guess is that she heard this phrase somewhere along the line and now it's time to process what it really means.

I'm guessing everyone is going to be falling in love with everything over the next month or so. Funny though that kids understand, even at the tender age of 5, that there is this thing called love and it is no longer reserved for mom, dad, siblings and pets. Hello world! GWT is ready to take you on!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Trouble With Twins

I thought I'd dealt with the hardest things about having twins. IE. Pregnancy, breastfeeding 2 babies, differing sleep schedules, potty training, and enduring the terrible 3's times two.

I'm wrong. I'm now stumbling into new territory, that of Planet School. Tonight I went to curriculum night where I spoke privately with the teacher. She and I discussed Boy Wondertwin without her ever having mentioned my daughter. I wonder if this is going to be a regular thing. I hope that neither of my kids will "suffer" as a result of having another just like him/her. I'm starting to see why parents choose to split up their twins.

No cause for panic presently but I do hope that both twins get equal treatment and equal attention. I guess we'll see.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hungy Hungry Hippos and Walmart

Just to vent a little bit from my last Walmart trip, I admit I have a real biased (and not in a positive way) toward Walmart. I'm trying to like it. I know that their prices are good and I can save money there but I tell you. I break into hives when I walk into that place; I can rarely find a worker who speaks English. Today I had to ACT OUT Hungry Hungry Hippos for this worker (HHH Travel Version is supposed to be on sale for $4.97 and I have a coupon for $4 off). Still she couldn't find it for me, although I was just alerted I will be winning an Oscar for my performance!)

I don't have this same experience in Target. I walk into Target, find what I need and smile while I'm there. Today I was constantly dodging carts, trying to manuever around forklifts, and searching for items that were obviously not there. Or at least they weren't there according to the non-English speaking employees I encountered.

Every time I enter Walmart I promise myself I will never return. 2 months later I repeat the same experience. What is wrong with me? Am I that dog returning to it's vomit? Nice word picture. Sorry about that. Walmart brings it out in me.

And I never found the travel version of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

So, it turns out...

As a Kindergarten Mom, you don't have to be at the bus stop afterall. I was up at Walmart (I detest that place btw) and having issues with coupons of course. I was telling the lady to skip the coupons and just check me out b/c I was running late. Well, not sure how much English she spoke (I think she was originally from Appalachia) and wouldn't do as I asked.

I was in line for 8million yrs, got stuck in crazy traffic because it was dripping out side and people FREAK when it rains around here. Finally I arrived home, just 2 minutes after the bus dropped the kids off. I found them ringing the doorbell. Sounds like the bus driver doesn't care whether mom is home or not! Who knew! (Oh, and please don't call Children's Services on me!)

This won't be happening again, I'll tell you that! No more shopping for me after 2PM! That was wretched! Poor kids. They were a little wet when I got home!
It's week #3 and I'm already THAT mom. Yikes!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When is a Deal not a Deal?

I'm going a little deal crazy lately. It's like a drug. How cheap can I get something? Well, 2 weeks ago I spent $27 on about $60 worth of "stuff" at Walgreens. I got $15 in Walgreens Bucks for my purchases.

Because my Walgreens bucks were to expire on Sept 5th, I hurried in to cash in my $15. With my purchases, I acquired $13 more in Walgreens Bucks, having spent $4.55 out of pocket. I then went in yesterday to cash in more and walked out with $10 new Walgreens bucks, having spent $2.95.

Because I'm now an addict (and admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?) I returned today. I cashed in my $10 in Walgreens bucks for 4 bags of Tostitos and a men's razor that contained 2 cartridges inside. I walked out having spent $2.24 and $4 in Walgreen's bucks in my pocket for another day.

My husband now has enough razors and cartridges to last him a lifetime. We also have more toothpaste and deoderant than any household needs. If you haven't tried the Walgreens/CVS game yet, I highly recommend it.

Check out for instruction.

In the meantime, you'll find me in rehab. My name is KP and I'm addicted to Deals.

Friday, September 4, 2009


My friend and I made an important observation yesterday. Children love Obama. I rarely touch politics here on this blog but my opinions aren't hard to guess. I'm pretty conservative and very fiscally conservative so with that combination you can deduce that I'm not a liberal.

I keep my opinions to myself when it comes to my kids but my husband is a little more vocal with my little people. They knew he voted for McCain and my daughter actually cried when she found out that McCain lost. We have a video of it. I'll have to post it sometime. It's pretty humorous.

Anyway, with that being said, my kids are obsessed with Obama. They hear his voice, see his picture on a magazine or notice him on television and they freak! They dance around and sing this litle chant they made up about Obama.

My friend Julie said her 4 year old daughter is the same way. My conservative friend Wendy has a husband who is VERY Republican and her boys love Obama too. She concluded that her boys love to say his name. What is it about our President? Just a simple observation but it cracks me up.

Awkward Moments at Walgreens

Recently I have discovered Walgreens/CVS deals and I'm loving it. Don't ask my husband's opinion though. He thinks we're stockpiled in toothpaste for eternity.

I didn't realize how eclectic the drugstore clientele really is. Take today for example. Little Dude and I stopped by a Walgreen's is an old part of town. As I was searching the aisles (because every Walgreen's is DIFFERENT! Ugh!) Little Dude got behind the wrong pair of legs and followed her to the pharmacy. I noticed pretty quickly and corrected him by saying, "Did you follow the wrong legs?"
The woman responded, "I wish my legs were as nice as yours".
Um...okay so I should have taken this as a compliment right? Somehow I felt violated. I smiled, scurried away saying, "Ummm..Uh...thank you".

The next encounter was worse. I was buying Carefree pantyliners because they were $1.99 and I was going to get $2 in Walgreens bucks back. So my 3 year old and I were scouring the aisles when a guy walked up and was searching each of the shelves for the right maxi pad. He then turns to me and says, "My dog is in heat and I need pads for her." Oh, uh...okay was all I could think of.

Am I having an off day or were those 2 really odd encounters?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And I lived to tell about it

I just survived my first PTA meeting. I'll tell ya, it was actually enjoyable. Everyone was very friendly and I didn't sign up to help with anything. Gotta love that. No guilt trips either.

And another thing, it beats the pants of Twin Club me.

Will You Be My Friend?

I took the kids to the pool today after school. Because I'm supermom. No, because I'm boycotting this Fall thing and I'm trying to live out every tick of the last minutes of summer.

I was standing on the edge of the pool (because some moron made the rule that parents had to be within 10 feet of any child who can't swim 75 consecutive meters...I hate that person) and I was watching Girl Wondertwin swimming to her heart's content (notice, I'm not 10 meters from all 3 kids...literally impossible). Anyway a girl about the age of 6 swam up and asked GWT, "Will you be my friend?"
GWT gives her a discontented look and swims away.

I pulled GWT out of the water and promptly lectured her on the need to be nice to people and how we can never have too many friends. At the same time I felt torn. I knew she needed to learn a lesson about being polite to others but I did envy her. If I were honest, there are a few people (not many but a few) to whom I would like to say that very thing. "No thank you. I would rather not be your friend but thanks for asking". Let's face it. We can't be friends with everyone.

What if the world worked that way? At least we would know who we can trust and who are true friends are. Chances are that GWT won't ever see that little girl again. I tried to get GWT to go over to her and apologize. Unfortunately she was scared and refused to do it. I sort of admire her confidence though. She just swam away and entertained herself until the next rest period. I guess I should be thankful that she can be content on her own when she so desires.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What have I been missing?

Ooh, this one kid stuff is awesome. Why didn't anyone tell me how great this would be? Now I see why people have one child at a time.

I never got to experience the "one kid" days since I had my twins first. I have to confess the little bit of envy and bitterness that erupts inside me when I am juggling 3 kids in a restaurant and I look over to find a couple with one child in a high chair. Both parents doting over that little one while I'm doing everything to peel one kid off the ceiling while the other two are licking the floors.

I know I shouldn't be bitter but I do wish I could have had some days to enjoy a singleton. Well, those days are finally here, no matter how brief.

I took Little Dude to run errands today while the twins were in school. We stopped by his preschool to pay tuition and appease his little mind. He's been obsessed with school and so curious about when he gets to go so I decided it would be wise to show him his classroom...just to put his curiosity at ease. He even got to meet his teachers today so hopefully that will help him understand that he will soon go to school. He even left Sharkfin at home.

I highly recommend this one kid thing. If you can pull it off, do it. I am actually enjoying parenting. I caught myself smiling as we were crossing through a parking lot today. Those of you with multiple children know that shear fear is the overwhelming feeling while trying to cross small children when you have more kids than hands. So I plan to keep smiling because it's going to be a great year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharkfin and Homework

So, Sharkfin made his 2nd "appearance" this afternoon. Soon after the twins left on the bus, Little Dude was on the phone talking to Sharkfin. He invited him over to play. I'm so intrigued by the 3 year old brain and how he has invented this "friend" who only appears when the twins are gone. It's like he's created his own twin to play with. It will be interesting to see how long Sharkfin sticks around.

And on the school front, the twins just finished day 3 and they brought home their second homework assignment. News to me but according to my Facebook friends, it's completely normal to have homework 2 or 3 nights a week in Kindergarten. I wasn't expecting that one.

Despite the homework the kids are having a blast and school is off to a good start. I'm already wondering what I will be doing with my time once Little Dude goes to Kindergarten. I feel like I've gone from mach 1000 to a steady pace. I'm thankful for a little bit of free time and my alone time with Little Dude but it's going to take some adjusting. No complaints here though. I'm just trying to appreciate the time I still have left with my little ones before they are all in school full time. Funny how it's easier to appreciate them when I see them less!