Friday, September 4, 2009

Awkward Moments at Walgreens

Recently I have discovered Walgreens/CVS deals and I'm loving it. Don't ask my husband's opinion though. He thinks we're stockpiled in toothpaste for eternity.

I didn't realize how eclectic the drugstore clientele really is. Take today for example. Little Dude and I stopped by a Walgreen's is an old part of town. As I was searching the aisles (because every Walgreen's is DIFFERENT! Ugh!) Little Dude got behind the wrong pair of legs and followed her to the pharmacy. I noticed pretty quickly and corrected him by saying, "Did you follow the wrong legs?"
The woman responded, "I wish my legs were as nice as yours".
Um...okay so I should have taken this as a compliment right? Somehow I felt violated. I smiled, scurried away saying, "Ummm..Uh...thank you".

The next encounter was worse. I was buying Carefree pantyliners because they were $1.99 and I was going to get $2 in Walgreens bucks back. So my 3 year old and I were scouring the aisles when a guy walked up and was searching each of the shelves for the right maxi pad. He then turns to me and says, "My dog is in heat and I need pads for her." Oh, uh...okay was all I could think of.

Am I having an off day or were those 2 really odd encounters?

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