Friday, September 4, 2009


My friend and I made an important observation yesterday. Children love Obama. I rarely touch politics here on this blog but my opinions aren't hard to guess. I'm pretty conservative and very fiscally conservative so with that combination you can deduce that I'm not a liberal.

I keep my opinions to myself when it comes to my kids but my husband is a little more vocal with my little people. They knew he voted for McCain and my daughter actually cried when she found out that McCain lost. We have a video of it. I'll have to post it sometime. It's pretty humorous.

Anyway, with that being said, my kids are obsessed with Obama. They hear his voice, see his picture on a magazine or notice him on television and they freak! They dance around and sing this litle chant they made up about Obama.

My friend Julie said her 4 year old daughter is the same way. My conservative friend Wendy has a husband who is VERY Republican and her boys love Obama too. She concluded that her boys love to say his name. What is it about our President? Just a simple observation but it cracks me up.


  1. My 4-yr. old daughter got very excited when she saw time magazine with Obama in a lab coat: "I didn't know Obama was a doctor, mama!" My kids get excited when they see him too...interesting phenomena. But then, we voted for him, so I just thought it was that!

  2. That's hilarious! Dr. Obama! =)
    Yep, there's just something about his charisma. Wild!