Monday, December 13, 2010


Just this week we got news that another person in our neighborhood (or more accurately connected to our elementary school) was diagnosed with cancer.  That's 3 that I know of in the past year.  3.  One woman is in her late 40's but the others are in their 30's.  I continue to try to put myself in their shoes.  What must it be like to look at your young children and wonder if you will see them graduate.

Today I went in for a sonogram and mammogram.  I'd never had a mammogram before.  I'd only heard that they are painful or uncomfortable.  If you are putting one off, don't.  They really are cake.  If you've had babies, this is NOTHING compared to that.  With my high risk twin pregnancy, every doctor, nurse, janitor and candy striper within hospital limits saw my who-who during those 8 months and by the end I was ready to show anyone who asked. 

A mammogram is seriously nothing.  It's definitely not painful and I wouldn't even call it uncomfortable.  It just is.  It's a relief to know that all is well after my doctor expressed a concern.  Clean bill of health in my hands and ready to watch my kids enjoy Christmas.  If you have a health concern, don't put it off.  It just isn't worth it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Picture of Creepy

As long as I'm posting perfection, how about down right weird.  Here is the Edward Cullen Cat.

There are no words.

The Picture of Perfection

I was so wow'd by this picture.  It was posted on Facebook this morning.  It's Ohio University covered in a blanket of snow.  Wow, that's the All American university right there...I'm ready to rewind 15 years and do it all again.  Time to go sledding!  Wish we had enough snow here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food For Thought...

The article was not earth shattering for me as we take on a similar perspective in our home.  What WAS shocking was the 58 comments that can be found below.  It shocks me to see the anger and protest that is contained.  Would love to hear what you think.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Seriously Took 5 Minutes!

Not sure what got into me but I cleaned out the kitchen "junk drawer"  today. 



Why do I put this off?  How hard was that?  I read one day that we put things off because we think it will take so much longer than it will (and sometimes it does!!!) but in this case, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy as PlayHouse Disney likes to say!  Here's a challenge:  Clean out that junk drawer today and tell me how it went!  If you have a blog, post pics!  I want to see.  What are the actual contents necessary for a kitchen junk drawer anyway? 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Look What I Found...

And they lived happily ever after....That is the in-laws and me. 

Guess who found the ring?

Yep, Girl Wondertwin.  Hmm.  She just happened to find it in a random drawer (full of pictures) in the guest bedroom in the lower level.  Guess how long it took her to find it?  About 5 minutes.  She just "happened upon it".  Hmm hmmm.

Waterboarding...?  Do you think it will get the truth out of her?  Any advice you have will be honestly considered. 

Oh yea, and look what else I found!!!

Ever Wonder...

what the inside of your vaccuum bag looks like?  Well, I found out.
Gross!  I had to voluntarily go into the darkside to find a lost ring.  An engagement ring.  J's grandmother's engagement ring.  For the life of me I can't find this thing (yes, it's insured but I may never be forgiven by the in-laws...ugh!).  It really has to be here somewhere...maybe in the same crevice or cranny as my lost Bluetooth.  Pray I find the ring.  And yes, I cut open the vac bag OUTSIDE as it was a nasty, dusty job  Gross!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Hat...

because I haven't beaten this topic to exhaustion yet.  Hubby still hates the hat.  Well, hate is a very strong word.  For a passive-aggressive like J, hate is not really in the vocabulary unless he's pushed to the brink.  Rare, really.  So, he's not a fan.  We'll put it that way. 
When he came home and saw my hat, he said, "So, it's back".   I told him it's snowing and as long as it's snowing I get to wear the hat if I so desire. I then told him that I'd gotten 4 compliments on the hat that day.

His response?  "Well, from women, right?"  Meaning no man would dare compliment a hat like that.

Ha!  Of course women.  I don't regularly take in compliments from men and I think hubby prefers it that way.

So, we go to dinner.  The hostess AND the waitress both told me how much they liked my hat.  J makes it a point to say that you'd expect that from a woman.  Then, on our way out a perfect female stranger threw out the nicest compliment regarding my choice of sombrero.  Take that, J.  Somebody (make that 7 Blogworld) likes my hat!  Ha!

And...I can't promise a shower every morning for the rest of the winter so this hat is my new best friend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Story of Hannakah-Elmo Style!

Go or No Go???

My husband hates this hat.  Truth be told, he's not a fan of hats for women in general from what I gather.  I like this hat.  I might even love this hat.  After being under the weather for 3 days straight, I was not in the mood for a shower this AM so I dug out the hat.  Perfect since it's SNOWING!  It is December and all.  Anyway, I've gotten 4 compliments on this hat already today and one came via email.  Email.  Who compliments via email? A very nice person!  Like all of life's most important questions, I bring it to you Blogworld.  Do you like my hat?  You overwhelmingly voted down my shoes in a previous post here and here and here (with good reason!) but I'll have you know that those exact shoes can be purchased new at Amazon today! 
If you feel so inclined, leave a comment and tell me: Go or no Go on the hat.  I won't be offended (for long).  I've almost gotten over the feedback from the shoes.

There's always hope...

I was in the customer service line at the grocery (I practically live there...when you use as many coupons and I do, it's inevitable...but you should see how much I save!!!) and ahead of me was an 85+ year old woman.  Guess what she was buying?

Yep, lottery tickets!  Cracked me up.  I wanted to say, "Wow, what will you buy if you win?"
Imagine winning the lottery at 85 or 90!  Lucky kids...although her kids would be in their 60's!!!