Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Out of Style?

Okay so I've never been labeled "best dressed" but I do try to stay with the times to a certain extent. I mean...I didn't fall for the UGGS trend and there is no way I'm hitting the skinny jeans but I try to brush my hair, put on light make-up and look presentable in public.

I get little comments from my kids once in a while, generally regarding my garb. Once in a while one of the boys will tell me I'm pretty. It always feels good to hear it from my sons. Hubby throws out compliments when he thinks of it or feels like he should but you know how it is after 12 years of marriage.

Often during the Winter I wear black ankle boots that have a nice heel. I've found that they are versatile and dress up a pair of jeans. I have a pair of brown ones too. These are my 2 favorite shoes and on any given day, chances are good that I'm rocking one of these two pairs. They are comfortable and bordering on stylish.

Yesterday we went on a field trip to a working historical farm. I chose not to wear the boots with heels due to our activities. We hiked through the whole farm, dodged horse manure and played in a barn. The shoes I chose are brown Eastlands that I've owned for a million years. I'm not proud of them but hey, we were going to a farm.
Girl Wondertwin looked down at my shoes and said, "Mommy, I didn't want to tell you this but those are really BAD shoes. They are just ugly. Maybe you shouldn't wear them anymore". Yep, she's 5.

I have to agree with her though, they aren't attractive but this day in age, can't anything be pragmatic? I was trying to follow the rule of no gym shoes with jeans and I get tagged (by a 5 year old!) with an unattractive shoe comment.

What really makes me nervous is that she's only 5. That and you should see the outfits she puts together. I wouldn't call her the next "Rachel Zoe" anytime soon.


  1. ~12 year old son: "That shirt makes your boobs loook huge, can't you wear something else?"

    Me: "It's just a tee shirt, what do you want me to wear?"

    ~12 year old: "Not that."

    Just you wait if you think your daughter is bad now, boys are so much worse.

  2. Oh no, Viv. I think I would cry!

  3. I am so not stylish, at all. And I thought I was getting away easy in that dept, having a boy rather then a girl.