Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Much!

Tonight I am frantically tagging for the semi annual consignment sale. I'm a part of the mothers of twins club here in town and we have an amazing sale where over 80,000 dollars worth of STUFF is sold in about 6 hours. It's phenomenal what can be accomplished in a short period of time.

I'm busy tagging hundreds of items. So far my sale total will be $325 dollars worth (the club gets 10%) and I'm scouring the house, trying to find so much more. I just want to get this stuff out of my house. Primarily because I will be coming home tomorrow night with at least that much stuff.

Thankfully I'm selling some big stuff, including 2 tricycles, 4 bins full of clothes and another bin full of toys. As a minimalist, i love getting this stuff out of my house and it feels pretty good to get my kids' play clothes as well as some church clothes and severely discounted prices.

I'm using the sale while I can. I'm fully aware that my little ones will soon be big and won't be wearing consignment clothes for much longer. I already see my daughter's eyes lighting up when we pass Justice for Girls. I'm saving my pennies now so I can afford to dress them when their tastes are more expensive.

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