Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hack Hack Hack

It's hit. Whatever "it" is, it's here. Everyone is hacking here at our abode. What really stinks is that 2 of us caught a ridiculous cough in the middle of August. It lasted for almost a month for those 2 and passed onto 2 more. Just as Little Dude was getting over "the hack", his nose started running and he was sneezing like a bansch!

Now all 5 of us are feeling like crud and we sound like a really bad percussion band. I'm guessing it's not the pig flu since not one of us is down for the count. We're just "those people" who are getting shunned in public because of the hack.

I feel bad but seriously. You can't keep your kids in the house for 2 weeks while they recover from this nasty cold.

Speaking of cold, it is so freaking cold outside. We had a high of 55 degrees today. We average 67 for the middle of October. Generally we hit a week or two of Indian Summer as well. No such luck. It's just freaking cold. That could explain the hack. Dang Al Gore. What happened to Global Warming?


  1. Our ped assures me that Swine Flu for most people manifests itself as nothing worse than a severe cold. Of course, how she knows this with tests to confirm it being painfully inaccurate, I know not. So, don't worry too much about that, and I hope that all of you guys are feeling better soon.

  2. All our kids have a nasty sounding hacking cough as well, and I think I'm getting it too. I feel like I ought to keep them home because of how bad they sound, but like you said, I'd have them home most of the year if I kept them home for a cough. I am sort of relieved to hear that you guys have had the crud hanging around since August too. Not that I want you to be sick, but it's nice to hear from someone with a family similar to mine, who is experiencing the same constant sickness.

  3. Thanks Jen! We'll see if we can be sick til Christmas, just for you! =) Ha!
    And Viv, you think we have the swine flu? Or is it still coming? I really hope this is it because other than the nasty looks I'm getting from everyone around me, we aren't too miserable. I'll take this over puking any day!