Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the Crazy Sleeping Gene Takes Hold on Yet Another

I've blogged about my crazy family and this weird sleeping gene that has evidently passed from my husband to Boy Wondertwin. See here.
Well, evidence suggests that Little Dude has also been overcome by the crazy sleeping gene.

We found Little Dude like this at about 10PM. I went into his room before I went to bed. I panicked a little because he wasn't in his bed, under his bed or anywhere on the floor. I then searched the house including all bedrooms. No Little Dude.
I returned to his bedroom and opened the closet. This is what I found.

Should I be fearing the future in this home? I may need to start deadbolting the doors at night...not so people don't break in but so that my family doesn't break out!

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