Monday, September 14, 2009

It's getting a little weird around here.

Not sure if I've blogged about it but my husband is NOTORIOUS for doing very strange things in his sleep. I'll blog on that later but it looks like my oldest son got the "weird sleeping" gene.

Last night hubby and I were in the living room watching a movie. When it finished, J went into the kitchen to get some milk and this is what he found.

We have no idea what happened. Did he sleepwalk to the fridge? Was he thirsty but too tired to get a drink? And how long was the fridge open? Of course I'm more worried about wasted electricity than my son sleeping on a hard stone floor. I'm blaming hubby's genes on this one!


  1. I am more worried about the food that could go to waste should that scene come to pass at our house. Last year we had like a whole month during which my children held a silent protest against cold groceries. One week they took out the milk and eggs to leave room for fundraiser packets (like the teacher told them to) in our fridge, the next I woke up to find the fridge door wide open, etc. He looks too cute sleeping all curled up though!

  2. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this. And *so* sorry he got the gene -- this will be the first of many misadventures, clearly. :) xoxo bakes