Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So, it turns out...

As a Kindergarten Mom, you don't have to be at the bus stop afterall. I was up at Walmart (I detest that place btw) and having issues with coupons of course. I was telling the lady to skip the coupons and just check me out b/c I was running late. Well, not sure how much English she spoke (I think she was originally from Appalachia) and wouldn't do as I asked.

I was in line for 8million yrs, got stuck in crazy traffic because it was dripping out side and people FREAK when it rains around here. Finally I arrived home, just 2 minutes after the bus dropped the kids off. I found them ringing the doorbell. Sounds like the bus driver doesn't care whether mom is home or not! Who knew! (Oh, and please don't call Children's Services on me!)

This won't be happening again, I'll tell you that! No more shopping for me after 2PM! That was wretched! Poor kids. They were a little wet when I got home!
It's week #3 and I'm already THAT mom. Yikes!

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