Thursday, September 3, 2009

Will You Be My Friend?

I took the kids to the pool today after school. Because I'm supermom. No, because I'm boycotting this Fall thing and I'm trying to live out every tick of the last minutes of summer.

I was standing on the edge of the pool (because some moron made the rule that parents had to be within 10 feet of any child who can't swim 75 consecutive meters...I hate that person) and I was watching Girl Wondertwin swimming to her heart's content (notice, I'm not 10 meters from all 3 kids...literally impossible). Anyway a girl about the age of 6 swam up and asked GWT, "Will you be my friend?"
GWT gives her a discontented look and swims away.

I pulled GWT out of the water and promptly lectured her on the need to be nice to people and how we can never have too many friends. At the same time I felt torn. I knew she needed to learn a lesson about being polite to others but I did envy her. If I were honest, there are a few people (not many but a few) to whom I would like to say that very thing. "No thank you. I would rather not be your friend but thanks for asking". Let's face it. We can't be friends with everyone.

What if the world worked that way? At least we would know who we can trust and who are true friends are. Chances are that GWT won't ever see that little girl again. I tried to get GWT to go over to her and apologize. Unfortunately she was scared and refused to do it. I sort of admire her confidence though. She just swam away and entertained herself until the next rest period. I guess I should be thankful that she can be content on her own when she so desires.


  1. My little one usually runs away, almost as if he's scared. I think he's just anti social, like me. He was playing with another boy at the park one day and I was amazed. I could actually sit down and relax. Usually I have to play with him. He needs a sibling.

  2. Oh yea, Tanya. I complain about my 3 kids being so close in age but there really is another side of the coin. It means they play together and I can sit at the park and enjoy myself...sometimes. I rarely have to play lightsabers...I don't even know how to play it right and the boys always tell me that. Oh well, I'm a girl, what can I say?
    If he can't have a sibling maybe you can find him a best friend?