Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Posts

I really try to post everyday. There is something quite therapeutic about it. I know that if I don't have time, my life is just a little too crazy. Well, yesterday was one of those days. We got up, had breakfast and went straight to the athletic club where I did my 50/50 class (half cardo kick-boxing and half total conditioning) as well as the core class after that.
I then drove the kids to my mom's house so they could spend the night...ah yea! After depositing my offspring, I ran a few errands and then came back to the house to complete the tagging process.
This weekend was the semi-annual Columbus Mother's of Twins Club sale. This thing does about $60,000 worth of sales in 6 hours. Pretty impressive. It's a bear to prepare for though because it means that I spend the entire 2 weeks beforehand, gathering, sorting, washing and tagging all of these clothes and toys. Then they need to be organized and ready for to be place on the sales floor in an orderly manner. Not an easy task! Thankfully though, it's my accountability to get things out of my house and prepare for the coming season. Thanks to God that it's spring that we are preparing for this time around. Come on Spring!!!
We left for the sale at 4:30PM and got to the sale floor at 5PM to set up. By 6Pm I had my place in line and I was ready to BUY!
After 2 hours, I had an entire stroller full of clothes...28 pieces of clothing for my daughter and 25 pieces for my son. There were also 6-8 toys that I purchased (including a 2 wheel bike with training wheels.) The grand total was $158. That will clothe all 3 kids (my 3rd child has more hand-me-downs than any child should so I didn't buy him clothes) from April until October. Not bad!
After the sale 5 girls and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for appetizers and drinks. I didn't get home til 1AM! What a day and what a night! Whoosh, I'm still exhausted but so refreshed and counting the days til the Fall Sale.

Another Reminder...

"Mom, BWT (her brother who shall remain nameless) just peed on me..." I hear in a sing-songy, tattle-tale voice. It was coming from the bathtub. My daughter was taking a bath and apparently her twin brother thought it might be a good idea to climb in with her, unbeknownced to me. I run in there, turn off the water and drain the tub. Girl Wondertwin is just sitting calmly, waiting for the tub to refill. I ask her what happended and she repeats her last report. "BWT peed on me." As simple as that.

I don't think that would have been my reaction if someone peed on me and I CERTAINLY would not be sitting in the same tub that had just been peed in! Ick!

After telling BWT for the 48th time that he shouldn't pee in the tub (although this might be the first time that he actually did it on purpose...the last 47 times were just warnings not to do it in the first place) I went to tell my husband.
Of course he just smirks. I said, "You deal with that boy. I have no idea how to deal with a boy and a penis. Those things are beyond me."
Still laughing, J yells (from the kitchen), "BWT, don't pee on your sister."
Yep, thanks for the reinforcements! I just love parenting!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Things...

1. I love Costco. I'm a recent convert but now a true believer. For years we have had a Sam's Club membership. I used to think they were the same thing with a different name. I can't put my finger on it but there is a difference. A big difference. I don't have a clue what it is but I just love Costco. Sadly the only time I can visit is when I have 3 chidren in tow. That's okay, as long as they are doing free samples we survive. Today I loaded up on meat, fruit and veggies. The kids wanted much more but I said no, no, no. We did get some frozen pizzas and pita chips. That's a splurge, right? I plan to watch my grocery bill and see how we do. I'll still need to visit my trusty Kroger for some basic essentials but overall, I'm loving my Costco membership. If anyone can tell me the difference b/t Sam's and Costco, I'd really appreciate it.

2. Mr. Hot Feet really does have HOT Feet! My 2 year old is always complaining that he has hot feet. Constantly he says "mong teet hot". I usually roll my eyes and reprimand him for taking off his shoes and socks. Well, today he couldn't get his sock off (he was standing up) so I took it off for him only to find a VERY sweaty, hot sock. Now, it's 50 some degrees outside today but it's not the middle of summer. I said, "Wow buddy, you really do have hot feet." In some appalacian accent, he said "Ahhh Hughh, tee? Me do haaaf hot teet" (Translation: Uh huh. See? I do have hot feet.) and swivled away. Yep, calling the doctor about hot feet disease. I wish I had it and so does my husband! He can't wait for winter to be over so I stop sticking my ice cold feet under his warm body!

Okay, time to get those banschees down for a nap. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My engagement ring...

I alluded to this earlier in some previous blog. I think it was the one about my Girl Wondertwin hoarding. Last night we found 2 pair of scissors, J's medicine, nail clippers and more money in her room. This has to stop. Okay, back to the to the "fake" engagement ring. Here's the scoop.

During my Texas years (Hubby and I lived there for 7 years b4 moving back to Ohio) we took a vacation to spend a week at my mom's house in Columbus. Silly me. I left my half carat diamond ring on an end table. When I went back to get it, it was gone. These were the years before kids so either I had misplaced it or my mother's insane dog got a hold of it. After much searching, we found our culprit. Unfortunately we were going to have to wait until it was fully digested by the canine. (He has a history of eating shiny an entire watch, band and all. The watch took a lickin', kept on tickin' just as the commercial promised.)

J and I went back to Texas after our 7 days in Ohio and asked my mom to keep a lookout for the engagement ring. After several days of "searching" the excrement in the yard (I have a great mom), she found my ring, but with no diamond. Instead of spending the insurance money on a new diamond, we decided to pocket it as savings and sanitize the band. We took it to a jewelry professional who reworked the ring with 4 new prongs and a new "diamond". Nothing but the best for me. I now have a one carat Cubic Zirconium in place of my real half carat diamond.

Under normal circumstances I might not have settled for a CZ but since I already had another engagement ring, I was content.

See, days after J purchased this ring for our engagement, his aunt informed him that his grandmother had willed to him her antique engagement ring. Too bad he had already bought this new ring because I was perfectly content with whatever he gave me. So, here I was, 24 years old, with 2 diamond engagement rings.

As frustrating as the whole dog-eating-diamond-engagement-ring incident was, it turned out to be a blessing because the insurance company settled our complaint just in time for some much needed padding in our savings account. God tends to provide in abundance for us...not in our timing but in His. I can now look back and see how this incident was used in my life to prove His faithfulness...although I would love to have that diamond back! =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was on the phone today with my friend Jen. It wasn't a long call. None of them are when you have 3 kids...She has 5 kids, hers are even shorter! She asked me about my trip to Disney and I proceeded to tell her how unappreciative and unthankful my kids are. I told her how all they do is complain. I should have noticed the irony as I griped to her how frustrated I was. Of course I didn't. I'm way too hard headed for that.

I was sitting in my chair and a half (I love that thing!) doing my Bible Study Fellowship homework. It's meant to be done over 7 days but I have a knack for doing it in one sitting. Don't tell my discussion leader! So I'm sitting alone in a quiet house (hallelujah!!!) reading Numbers chapter 11 and finishing my questions. Numbers 11 is a couple of years into the exodus out of Egypt. The Israelites are traveling through the desert and following a cloud. Up until this point they are living on manna, a miracle bread that came from the sky each morning. Apparently they got a hankerin' for some meat because they went to Moses, griping and complaining. The Israelites wanted Moses to produce meat for them to eat...out in the middle of the desert. Sound familiar moms?

After unceasing complaints, Moses goes to God and says that he can't handle it anymore. The people are complaining and he can't meet their needs. He asks God why He would put him in charge of so many ungrateful people (600,000 men plus women/children...probably 2 million or more in all.) I only have 3 and it's killing me! =)

God says to Moses, Consecrate yourselfs, I'm sending Quail. And not just a day's worth, or 10 or 20 days, but a whole month of Quail. So much Quail that it will come out of their nostrils. That is hilarious! Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? He decides to show the people (and Moses) who He is and that He will provide what they want...not necessarily what they need. (Be careful what you wish/pray for!)

It was at the end of chapter 11 of Numbers that I realized that I am an Israelite. I was blaming my kids for being unappreciative and ungracious but I'm the one complaining. I plan to complain less and hopefully be thankful more. I hope to raise kids who are appreciative and thankful for what they have and for what God has given them. I have a lot to be thankful for and instead of wishing for quail, I need to be thankful for the miraculous manna that He provides everyday.

Yesterday's Menu

Often I judge my success as a mom based on what my kids eat on any given day. For yesterday's grade I'll give myself a D-. Unless it's a pass/fail class (and I'm pretty sure parenthood doesn't fall into that category), a D- is less than desirable.
Yesterday I decided that I'd get myself (and the 3 uncooportive banschees) to the athletic club in time for Cardo Kick Boxing. So after throwing 6 "pancakes" in the mic, we loaded the car. Lo and Behold, I was in the studio ready to begin just as class started. Love that!

In order to accomplish this rarity, the kids had to eat in the car. These "pancakes" are what we refer to in our home as the "fake pancakes". They are the frozen, Kroger brand pancakes. And even though there are a million vitamins listed on the box, I just can't bring myself to read the ingredients used to make these fake pancakes. My first clue that they might not be the best dietary supplement is that they only take 30 seconds to cook in the microwave.
Now, given the choice, the kids choose "fake pancakes" over real ones anyday...what does that say about my cooking...or their tastebuds?

After the athletic club the kids begged for more fake pancakes. Dead to the world after 90 minutes of continuous exercise and an all out screaming-throw-herself-on-the-floor fit by my 5 year old daughter over a balloon that she couldn't steal from the athletic club, I drove the kids home and relented on the lunch issue.
I threw in 6 more fake pancakes and the banschees were happy once again.
In the grand scheme of things, it seems like a silly thing to feel guilty about but when staying home is your JOB, you feel like you should be "ON" all the time. I feel the pressure to be Mrs. Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) in an apron all day playing short order cook. Not that I EVER live up to this pressure, I just feel it.

Anyway, I tried to make up for a day full of fake pancakes with taco dinner last night. The kids are big taco fans even if I use ground chicken. We don't eat a lot of red meat here anymore, much to my hubby's dismay. I'm trying...maybe I'll just have to stop buying those "fake pancakes". Then the kids would be eating cereal bars on the way to the athletic club because who am I kidding? I'm not going to have a full, hot breakfast on the table every morning.
I had to make up for it today though. I made REAL pancakes with a sweet potato puree...just to get those extra goodies they missed out on yesterday.
But don't think of me too highly...we still have lunch and dinner! Sweet potato pancakes anyone?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bzz...

Three years ago I found the best website.
It is a marketing company that recruits BzzAgents to do their marketing. Basically, you sign up for a Bzzcampaign (Off, Sonicare, CoverGirl, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge and others) and you get free products to try. For 10 weeks you try the products and tell your friends about your experience. My favorite was when BzzAgent sent me a free Sonicare toothbrush! That was over 100 dollar value. Another campaign I received a $250 universal remote. These products are completely free. All I do is tell my friends my honest opinions concerning the product.
Presently I'm on the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Campaign. It's not a lipstick. It's a Lipstain. From my experience, it stays on the lips for 2-4 hours, even through a meal. I really like it although it does require a gloss of sorts since it leaves a matte finish. I think it runs about $8 at the drugstore but can be found on sale for less.
Check out for some free stuff...and some fun.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things that go bump in the night...

I was about to post concerning my love/hate relationship with the Oscars when something took precedence. I'm lying in bed working on my computer. My husband is next to me...he's out though. Breathing hard, almost to the point of snoring. I HATE it when people are dead to the world while I'm awake. It's just not fair. Since I took a vacation, I've been working all weekend to catch up. Not just housework (and 4 suitcases to unpack) but my "real" job too. I'm a communication specialist for a marketing company (it sounds fancy but really isn't.) Anyway, I was online working when I heard a huge bang out in the hallway. Not a clue what it was but the dilemna struck as it always does. The house is dead quiet, everyone is asleep and there is a big loud bang in the hallway or kitchen. What do I do? Do I venture out to see what it is? NO! No Way! I'm way too chicken for that. In younger years I would have awakened J to do my dirty work. I've learned that I need to make sure it's a mass murderer before I awake sleeping beauty. So, I lay here for a few more minutes, listening intently for more bumps. At this point the heater comes on and I can't hear a thing. Nice timing. Anyway, I've given up. I don't hear anything else and I know I'll pay the piper if I wake up my sleeping bodyguard. Sweet dreams to him while I sit and tremble. If I don't post tomorrow, check the papers. I may have been slain by the thing that went bump in my hallway.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

So frustrating!

Okay, so I'm a total consignment sale shopper. Full price is ridiculous, in fact, sale prices are ridiculous. I went into Children's Place in January only to find 50% off sales. I asked the clerk when there would be further markdowns and then I left. I wasn't going to pay 50% off for those clothes when I can get some that are very similiar at a consignment sale or shop for much less. Several weeks after that Childrens Place incident I went to their website where I found 8 clothing items for $28 after shipping and taxes. Now that is my kind of sale.
Now, this is for my kids' clothes, mind you. If I'm shopping for myself you might find me at Banana Republic or Nordstrom. Not that I'm buying...I'm just shopping.
I've even started checking out consignment stores for my own clothing. At the Buffalo Exchange in Houston, I found a pair of Joe's Jeans (usually in the 100-200 range) for $32. I also bought 2 other pairs of jeans that day for a total of $64. That's not a bad way to buy high end jeans. I won't be buying Nordstrom jeans any time least til all 3 kids are out of college!
Our annual Twin Sale is coming up next weekend. This means chaos reigns at my house as a I ready EVERYTHING we own to be hauled to Hilliard for a giant sale. It does over 60,000 dollars worth of business in 6 hours. That's pretty impressive. Members get 90% of their sale price back while the other 10% goes to March of Dimes and other non-profit organizations.
This past Fall I bought my daughter several pairs of jeans in size 4. Unfortunately, she wore size 5. I REALLY didn't want to go to the real store to pay real money for this mistake but after a trip to our local consignment shop, I was relegated to Target for a pair of $8.99 jeans. I HATE to spend that much on jeans for a then 4 year old. Well, just 4 months after I bought those jeans there is a hole in the knee while the one pair of consignment jeans I found are in perfect condition. Ugh! That's why I love consignment shopping.
Oh, and my Joe's Jeans get worn almost everyday...with no holes!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cardio Kickboxing...

is kicking my butt! Yikes! After about 6 months of treadmills and elipticals, I finally got up enough courage to venture into the land of cardio classes. It's an intimidating world. The women who take these classes are experienced. They even have their own little spot in the class. If you accidentally stake out their spot for that particular class, don't be surprised if they actually ask you to move. How dare you snake their imaginary spot.
I finally decided to brave those nasty women and make my own little niche in the world of cardio. About 4 months ago I tried a class called Latin Fusion. Apparently that class takes the coordination of a Russian ballerina because I was clearly the laughing stalk in that class...not that anyone laughed outwardly (except maybe the woman from whom I stole the "spot") but I know they were laughing inwardly. After that dreadful experience I swore off classes. That is, until I found my one true love. Cardio kickboxing! You see...I never was the ballerina. I never even danced at school dances. I was usually running around looking for cute boys with whom to flirt instead of stand around in a circle full of girls (and at least one guy who I think now is gay) and look like a fool. They didn't look silly, just me. I really have no groove.
Turns out, there is no need for groove when it comes to cardo kickboxing. The downfall of this class though is that I can't walk the next day. I'm not kidding. My arms hurt, my legs hurt and even my abs. Today I stayed for a 30 minute ab session. I won't even be able to sit up tomorrow. But maybe, just maybe, I MIGHT just resemble that pre-baby girl I once was. Okay, that's a dream but I'll settle for pre-baby #3 body.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Home.

6 days and about 2000 miles later, I'm home. We hit 9 states and had a ball. Before I left, I updated on facebook that I was heading out to Atlanta, Disney and Hilton Head. I'm not kidding, like 10 people commented on my status. To sum up their comments, they basically said, "What is your secret? How are you doing all of that?"
Our secret is that we could not handle spending a week at Disney, nor could our kids. We went to the Magic Kingdom for 12 hours on Monday and we were completely exhausted the next day. We slept in (til 8AM!!) on Tuesday and enjoyed the heated pool and the 70 degree weather.
I didn't really understand their comments on Facebook though. Was it all the driving that they didn't get?
Since J's family lives in Texas we are quite used to driving long distances. We go to Houston twice per year and it's a 20 hour drive (with 3 kids.) Since we don't have the luxury of buying plane tickets for all five of us each time we want to spend the holidays with J's family we've learned to drive.
Honestly, with 3 kids, it is EASIER than flying. We took Skybus to Florida last winter and I was a nervous wreck with 3 kids couped up on an airplane. Within 5 minutes of being on the plane (we hadn't even taken off yet!!!!) the man sitting in front of Boy Wondertwin turned around and said, "Is he going to kick my seat the WHOLE trip?" What the heck do you say to that. BWT's just a little dude and it's not his fault that his feet are the perfect length to reach the back of this grumpy man's seat. That ticked me off.
So we drive. We've figured out that in 5 years our twins have been in 19 states. That's not bad for a short little life.
We saw friends in Atlanta, spent 2 nights in Orlando, drove through St. Augustine and saw a real castle as well as the BEACH!!! We then drove to Hilton Head where my aunt and uncle have a beach house.
Other than the Disney tickets (and 3 of them were FREE*), our vacation was pretty affordable since we only paid for a hotel room for 2 nights and stayed with friends the other 3 nights (in Atlanta and Hilton Head.) Not a bad vacation. I just hope the twins remember it since it was their 5th birthday and all!

*Free- Disney has a thing going this year where you get in free on your birthday. Well, having twins, we just couldn't pass this one up. Even better, our Little Dude does not turn 3 until April so he got in FREE too! Adult tickets are almost $80 a piece so it still wasn't what I would call affordable but we did save $200 which was pretty sweet. Also we used this website:
We booked a Radisson for $54/night (during President's Day weekend which is a high time at Disney) and the Radisson website listed the same room for $150. I highly recommend this site for travel. The Radisson Worldgate Resort and Convention Center was a great place to stay if you have a car. If not it's still doable but the shuttles don't run all that often to Disney so you have to go by their schedule.
Just FYI. Many friends have been asking about the deals I found so I thought I'd post! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reason #347 NOT to have Baby #4

J and I have this conversation on a weekly basis, at least. He wants baby #4 and I think I would probably cut of my head if we had another one around here. If God blessed us with a baby I'm sure I would pick right up and take it as a blessing. That being said, I can't willingly choose this for us right now. When I press Jason, he is more of a dreamer than a doer. #4 sounds good to him but in reality, he's pretty overwhelmed with our current circumstances as well.
With this I will periodically submit to you reasons (for us) not to have baby #4.

Planet Hollywood. We ordered the kids' meal chicken fingers. It cost $6.95. We only ordered one meal. It came with 3 "fingers". The meal perfectly met the hunger needs of all 3 kids. If we had 4 kids, we'd have to buy another kids meal.
That's reason #347...are you reading this J?

Friday, February 13, 2009


Could be on a blog vacay for the next few days...check back though. Not sure how much internet access I'll have but I know I'll have plenty to blog about! I'll tell Mickey Mouse hello from Blogland!

Could I be raising a hoarder?

I'm a minimalist. I always have been (other than those pre teen years when I had 90 million stuffed animals on my bed) and always will be. The less the better...well for most things. I think men should always have hair on their head but that's beside the point. Compared to most of our friends, we have less toys, less food, less...well, everything. I say that but honestly, my kids have MORE than they need and MORE than I would like them to have. We have enough to make a mess and that's more than I want.

Over the past month or two I have noticed that a few things have turned up missing. I'm known to lose a thing or two...usually my cell phone. It's never lost mind you, just misplaced. Sometimes it's important enough to find at that moment. If I have a Pei Wei craving I MUST find the cell immediately to have J pick it up on his way home. But, if I have to call my MIL back? It might be a few days til my phone turns up. That's just how I am.

My daughter? Turns out she might be the exact opposite. She just happens to have the smallest room in the house (DON'T tell HER that!!!) and also the biggest mess. It's rare that you can see the carpet in her room. Her twin brother? As different as can be. He has an organizational file for all of his Spiderman clippings and super hero drawings...they number in the hundreds.

Tonight I was packing for Disney when I noticed my engagement ring was missing. (Fortunately this is the one with the CZ in it...long story but DEFINITELY worth a future blogging.) So, I start searching all of my usual my bed, in the master bath near the sink, in the shower. You know, all the places women put their wedding rings. I realize it's gone. Instead of panicking, I stomp into my daughter's room, wake her up and demand that she tell me where my ring is.

After some pursuasion, she takes me to her Little Tikes vanity where she has stashed my wedding ring, engagement ring and a few other things that don't belong to her. J decides to step in. After pressing her further, we find my compact the oven of her kitchen. What is wrong with her? Oh, and Amanda, if you are reading this, she has a mermaid ring that belongs to Emma.

Yep, she's a hoarder. I picture that woman who can't even get into her apartment or has to sleep on the floor in the middle of trash because of her problem.
Someone PLEASE!!! Tell me this is normal 5 year old behavior...

Little Black Boxes

Tragedy strikes the skies above Buffalo. Sadly there was a commercial plane crash. The first in over 2 years (not including the recent "landing" in the Hudson) but still jarring all the same. I've always wondered about those little black boxes that somehow make it through almost every plane crash. What are those things made of anyway? And if these boxes can make it through a horrific crash like this, why can we make airplanes out of that material?
By the above comment, I'm obviously not an engineer and the thought is probably absurd but something I've always wondered.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

It's the Wondertwins' birthday, not mine. But I'm the one crying. Okay, not really since a tear is rare for me but I'm bitter. Close enough.
Am I the only mom out there who just gets tired of slaving over these kids only to get very little feedback? We had a small party since we're going to Disney for their actual birthday on Monday. Even with a small party, you know it's a lot of work. Thankfully my husband was very helpful in this process, and for him, I'm extremely grateful.
That being said, I feel like a letch. Is that a word? If not, it should be.
As a mom, I'm supposed to give and give and give. Bend over backward for my kids, just to give them a smile and a day to remember.
Well, I think this was accomplished but sometimes it just isn't a enough, you know? I slave away for days to make this a special day for them, only wake up this morning to complaining twins and a crying 2 year old. And by crying, I mean screaming and crying all morning, like that dramatic all out fit crying. He was in time out 3 times and got spanked too. Nothing seemed to work. Little Dude was in a mood. The twins weren't crying but all they would talk about was when they could eat their cake and open their presents, while asking me a million questions that I didn't have time to answer because I was readying the house for guests. It's a shame that I have to push the kids out of the way while I do something special for them. Something wrong with that.
Now, I can't really expect much from two 5 year olds and an almost 3 year old, right? But sometimes, just once in a while, I want some credit, some appreciation, some something. Some sign from my kids (not my husband, he is all about affirmation) that THEY appreciate me, that THEY see that I'm working my BUTT off for them. Is that really too much to ask???
Girl Wondertwin just brought me a picture she colored...gotta take what I can get.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I just have to say...

I don't want to make a habit of posting 3 times a day (since I really do have a life beyond the blog, I promise) I just have to proclaim my love to all of blogworld. I just have to say that I LOVE MY LAUNDRY SHOOT. I might love my husband and kids more but I REALLY LOVE MY LAUNDRY SHOOT. It's a crying shame that builders no longer include a laundry shoot in new builds. That's a dis-service to moms everywhere. Maybe we should put a law in the stimulus package that every new build had to include a laundry shoot. Now THIS will create jobs for every out of work laundry shoot professional out there!

In light of recent's worth the read...

Better than a Flu Shot!

Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married.
She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ,
The young minister noticed a cute glass bowl sitting on top of it.
The bowl was filled with water, and in the water floated, of all things, a condom!
When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist.
'Miss Beatrice', he said, 'I wonder if you would tell me about this?' pointing to the bowl.
'Oh, yes,' she replied, 'Isn't it wonderful? I was walking through the Park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground. The directions said to place it on your organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease.
Do you know I haven't had the flu all winter.'

Top 5 Reasons to get the Stomach Virus

Okay, since I'm still recovering from one of the worst stomach viruses ever (and yes, I say that EVERY time I get it) I've decided to try to look at the bright side of things.

5. Reason to completely ignore the kids and let them rule the world for the day (without the fear of someone calling Children's Services.) We can make it fun!
4. Perfect time for an experiment. Let's see how long it takes for the house to completely atrophy and then how long to clean it up.
3. Catch up on all the sleep I've missed out on over the past 5 years.
2. See if I can figure out what's going on in the soaps.
1. Great way to get back to pre-baby weight. Okay, so I only lost 4 pounds and technically I need a day or 2 more of hurling my guts out.

Oh yea, Fern, come on over. I've got a stomach virus for you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm not getting political here but...

So, I've been stuck on my back all day because I've been slammed by the stomach virus that has now run through my entire family. Yuck! I hate this stuff. Since I might just have to hurl due to my illness, I'm blogging about something else today in order to maintain a solid stomach.
All I've heard all day long on the cable news stations is THE STIMULUS. I'm not an economist or anything but this just doesn't seem to make sense to me...nor does it make sense to the DOW since it lost 382! I get that banks need money in order to lend money. What I don't get is why we need to spend 1.3 TRILLION Dollars to bring our economy back. (BTW, it didn't work for Japan in the 90's.) If I run out and spend more than I have, I suffer. My credit score suffers, my future suffers and there are consequences.
Specifically, I don't understand why we are putting so much crap in this bill. Why is ACORN getting 4 BILLION dollars? Isn't this the same group who registered a Cleveland guy 87 times to vote? Is this really a good way to spend 4 billion dollars? Does ACORN need 4 billion dollars? Seems like they were successful in committing voter fraud on the budget they have now.
Another thing that is ticking me off (concerning this bill) is the stipulation that goes against religious groups meeting in public places. It says that if a college campus allows for Bible Studies or other religiious meetings on campus, that building will no longer be eligible for public renovation funds. This isn't just Christian meetings but ANY kind of public worship. After spending 11 years at a public universities (only 6 of those years were for education, 5 for employment), I've seen that a high percentage of all of the student groups at any of our countries' universities are religious. This is going to have an impact on our country in monumental ways. Why is this in the stimulus bill? How does this create jobs?
I really don't get it but in the future, I plan to vote for politicians who want to run government the way I run my household (I hope this doesn't make make me a Liberterian though...) If I can't afford it, I don't buy it. Why doesn't America understand that money is not limitless. Even for the best country in the world, we have limits...why can't we live by them?

I'm not naive. I know that hard times hit and sometimes there is no other choice. I have dear friends in that very same situation right now. This I understand. What I don't understand is why our government can hedge the futures of ourselves, our children and future generations for something that has a 30% chance of failing (Biden's percentage, not mine.) Why can't our government live within it's means? Then when we find ourselves in a situation like this, we would have a rainy day fund to back ourselves up? I just don't get it.
This is a link to No Stimulus. I signed this pettition, not because I think there is NO need for a stimulus, but this one needs to be radically revamped. Just my little opinion. Take it or leave it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Here a Puke, There a Puke, Everywhere a Puke-Puke

We're still puking around here. Funny thing about puking, with my kids anyway. They can look completely recovered, go 12 hours without vomiting and then just hurl wherever they want, whenever they want. For instance, Little Dude was running around like a banschee yesterday, having a ball (after puking the whole night before.) We stayed home from church and canceled our friends' pancake breakfast so we could be home all day. No one puked from about 7AM til 3AM the following day. I wake up at 3AM hearing "Daddy, KEEN MEEE, Mommy, KEEN Mee". I rush into his room, only to find Little Dude holding some puke in his hands and a big spot on the sheets. Ugh, I thought we were done with this.
Kids woke up around 8AM and I took a survey of how everyone was feeling. Judging by the mess they had managed to make in only 15 minutes of being awake, I decided everyone was healhty enough to head to the atheletic club for my favorite class of the week, Cardio Kick Boxing.
About half way through the class I was praying that one of the kids would vomit because that class was kicking my no avail. I completed the class and even got to do the 30 minute ab conditioning afterward. (side note: I may not post tomorrow if I can't walk to my computer...I'm gonna be sore!)
I pick up the kids and after going over to the church to register Little Dude for preschool, we come home. We're in the house mere seconds before Boy Wondertwin (BWT) pukes everywhere. He was the one who didn't get sick the other night. Thankfully BWT made it to the bathroom for the 2nd round of fun. Now he's playing like nothing ever happened and he's fighting me about taking a nap. Can't be too sick!
There is nothing worse than a puking toddler...Oh, maybe one. Puking parents. Please God, spare us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is syncronized hurling an Olympic event?

No, not Curling. I did see that for the first time in the last Winter Olympics. I'm talking about Hurling! Like puking. We returned from our jaunt to Cinci and Ikea (more on that in future posting) around 10:30PM. Girl WonderTwin (GWT) had been complaining much of the trip about being thirsty. What don't they understand about mom not being a miracle worker? Like I can just make liquid appear while driving 70 miles per hour?
So, after arriving home we put the 3 banschees to bed and we sit down to unwind. All of a sudden we hear that dreaded sound of a 4 year old hurling her guts onto her pillow, bed, blankets, and stuffed animals (and whatever the heck else she sleeps with...which is currently a toy computer, a Hulk, a Fur Real Dog who barks, another that rolls over, $5 under her pillow (which she stole from my purse!!!), a $2 canadian dollar (where did she get that!!) and 18 other stuffed animals...did I mention the 9 My Little Ponies? Of course we found most of these things (like the $5 that I thought I had lost) AFTER she puked her gets out. So, we rush the little hoarder into the tub while rinsing out the garb. Ick! I hate that smell and it produces dry heaves in me EVERY time. Thank goodness my strong-stomached husband can deal with it.
Not even an hour after this event, we hear my 2 year old heaving. Same result, minus all the junk in his bed. He only sleeps with a HULK and Power Ranger, oh and a tractor, and a large ball. Is this normal?
So, the rest of the night the kids alternated their events with one synchronized hurl around 3AM. Gotta love my husband. He has so much compassion in events like this. Me? I just want to turn on my fan, roll over and pretend I can't hear them. Deal with the mess in the morning. Ugh. But of course I drag myself out of bed, hold my breath and start rinsing out sheets and running the 3AM!
What a night! Did anyone tell me parenthood would be like this when I signed up?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homeschooling for Mom

Amazing what you learn along the way. After two years of preschool, I decided to keep the twins home for their PreK year. I borrowed a curriculum from a friend and dove in. Turns out, I'm not so disciplined on the homeschool thing. What I've realized along the way though is that homeschooling (at least at the PREK level) is not so much about the curriculum as it is the lessons along the way in life. We read a lot of books and we practice our letters in the notebooks. We color constantly as well as practice with scissors (or more accurate the kids steal scissors out of my drawer and cause havoc all over the house) and once in a while we might even dare a glue stick. Oh the horrors!
With all the curriculum, I've found that the real lessons come during the usual customs of our day...math during a trip to the grocery (and don't get me wrong, it's not often that I'm CRAZY enough to take 3 kids ages 4 and under to ANY store so don't nominate me for sainthood yet), vocabulary when I'm chastizing Boy Wondertwin (BWT) for being "obsessed" with The Incredible Hulk. He now uses the word constantly as if it's normal for a 4 year old boy. Recently we've been working on addition, subtraction and spelling. If I'm lucky enough to have only one kid in my lap at a time (which is rare, mind you) I have developed a little pattern that somewhat resembles shock therapy. (Please read the rest before you call CPS, thanks.)
Just now I had BWT in my lap...well, he takes up much of the chair and only a small part of him fits on my lap anymore...but as he sat on my lap, I started quizing him on math and spelling. Each time he got something wrong I shocked him with electricity...NO! I tickled him until he corrected himself. He had a blast! We practiced CAT, DOG, MOM, DAD...not brain surgury but we're making progress. What a fun way to get my almost 5 year old to cuddle with me for a minute and get him ready for the Ivy League. Yea, we'll see. Right now I'm just aiming for a non-finger sucking, non-nose picking kindergartener. I'll keep you posted.

Off to the Nati~

It's my cousin's 40th birthday today. As I've found out over the past six months, a 40th birthday is a big deal. My SIL and her hubby turned 40 this year along with all of their friends. I'm still several years away, thankfully, but it's on the horizon. Aging is such an odd thing. I don't even realize it until I look in the mirror and see a new wrinkle that wasn't there the day before. Recently I've been running into friends from high school. That might be where I see the passing of time most obviously. If my friends are aging, I must be too. Bummer.

So we're heading down to Cincinnati in the Toyota Sienna. Me, my husband, 3 kids and my mom. All kinds of good times. Fortunately it's only 2 hours away! We plan to stop by the IKEA on the way down, certainly the highlight of our trip. They have a kid center there where you drop off the little ones and actully SHOP! Crazy. I can't wait! The last time I was in IKEA I dropped $150 without blinking an eye..and I'm as frugal as they come. Wish me luck. Hope to get out of there under $50...yea right!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

Okay, having a myriad of children sometimes causes problems. Did I say sometimes? Take bananas for instance. I used to get frustrated that my kids would waste bananas. They always wanted "their OWN banana" and then only half was eaten. Thus was born the banana frisbee. All I do is slice up ONE banana into "frisbees" and the kids think it's the coolest thing they have ever eaten. Keep in mind for the first 4 years of their lives they wouldn't TOUCH a sliced banana. Trick of the trade folks and it only took me 4 years to figure it out. Undergrad AND Graduate degree hard at work here!

The Greatness of America

I spent the afternoon at Chick-Fila after a morning at Bible Study. I just love Chick-Fila. That says something coming from me since I cringe anytime I'm forced to step foot in McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant. It could have something to do with the roach that I found in my ice cream at McDonald's or the terrible food poisoning I got from my Wendy's salad. Chick-Fila is different. I feel relaxed there. My friend Wendy and I sat at a table in the quiet adult section of the restaurant while our both sets of our twins (as well as Little Dude) ran around like maniacs in the sound proof play area. Thank you God for sound proofing! =)

Anyway, after seeing two high school friends pass by us (in their grown-up work clothes while I scrunge in my "play clothes"...but that's another post all together) Wendy and I braved the cage where the children were playing. We sat down in the play area and talked while readying the children for departure (this is a 30 minute process, as you know.) A woman entered with a thick Brittish accent. After talking for a few minutes we asked her about her origin. She was indeed from England. She told us her whole life story, ending up in the US after meeting her husband a computer services chat session. Eventually she moved to the US, with dread.

It was interesting to hear a Brit's perspective on our homeland. She grew up being told that Americans were arrogant and self-centered, only concerned for themselves. Interesting considering the outcome of World War II, but I digress. Anyway, after living here for a few years she has realized that this brainwashing she received in England is not even close to the truth. She understands now that we are proud of our country, that we are a land worth fighting for.

She had more pride as she spoke of AMERICA than most Americans do-especially these days. More times that I can count, I see facebook postings of Americans saying, "It can't get worse than it is now." Are you kidding?? There are Americans who believe that the sky is falling. They believe that things are so bad, that they can't get worse. I have to ask. Have these people ever been outside of the United States of America? This Brit has seen the best and worst of England as well as the best and worst of America. She chooses America. Americans should follow her lead.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Crap!

So, I did it again. I ventured into the mysterious unknown with the 3 banschees. I needed 40 fruit roll-ups for the kids' AWANA class. Some kind person had suggested COSTCO since it carries bulk and the prices are good. After my work-out, while the kids were safely tucked away in the child center (where I think they are fed mass amounts of sugar or cocaine), I decided to be brave and head to COSTCO. Big mistake. But any of you with kids could have told me this already.

I had a few things working against me. 1) They were way hyper from running around like crazy people at the child center (and the afore-mentioned cocaine) 2) It was lunch time. Hungry and hyper children are never a good combo. 3) I had 3 children age 4 and under with me. Bad recipe, right? Well, they caused all kinds of usual havoc (well, usual for us anyway, you might have called CPS if you saw us) while we were there. That I was ready for. What I was not ready for was to look down to find that my 2 year old had POOPED IN HIS SHOE! What? How does one go about pooping IN A SHOE?

Well, after 5 years of parenting, I've learning two things. 1) Put NOTHING past them. 2) Don't let your 2 year old wear boxers, no matter what kind of fit he throws. While running around tearing apart Costco, he had managed to have a bowel movement and it dropped out of his underwear, down his leg and INTO HIS SHOE! Ick! EEEEWWW! Gross! I have cleaned up MANY dirty diapers and underwear in my day but this one was a new one for me. It was disgusting. I had to ask the sample lady to pass me some napkins while I announced, "Wow, you must have stepped in something!" No need to clue her in to this nastiness but I'm sure she could have smelled it; thankfully she was really old. The shoes are now running through the wash for the 2nd time and amazingly, there wasn't a spot on the underwear. Little Dude did take a long, hot bath when we got did I! Yuck!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for the Tooth Fairy?

Lately I've been trying out all the classes that my health club has to offer. Thankfully I had just finished my spin class with an added 15 minute core class when it happened. As I walked out of the studio, I heard my name over the speaker. I was sure the Little Dude had an accident since he is newly potty trained. I rushed down there only to see Girl Wondertwin (GWT) standing right next to the entrance. I asked Miss Jackie about Little Dude but she indicated that GWT had blood on her arm but GWT wouldn't tell her where it came from or how it happened. I picked up GWT and began the mom inspection. As we reached the bathroom, I noticed a very swollen lip. I somehow convinced her to open her mouth and show me her teeth. Sure enough she had busted her lip. I reached for her tooth only to find it was VERY loose, to the point that I could have easily pulled it out. When I told her how loose her tooth was, she got a big smile on her face and said, "Am I gonna get money under my pillow?"
Seriously? The girl just kissed the hard gym floor with her lips and she's worried about whether the tooth fairy is coming or not? I'm the first to say that this girl CAN WHINE with the best of them but wow, is she brave. She didn't cry even though she may end up losing this tooth! Crazy girl.
I have to admit, I really DON'T want her to lose it. The vanity side of me took over. This poor girl. She'd be living almost 2 years without a front tooth.
I tried to convince her that it wasn't time to lose it and that she'd have a whole in her gums. That was the wrong thing to say. How do you explain to an almost 5 year old about losing teeth? It's complicated.
Thankfully, it's tighter every time I check it but I can see it falling out earlier than normal. I'm not ready for that. Once they lose that first top tooth it's like a rite of passage or something. That's like the sign that they are like REAL kids now, not little people. IDK, not as "baby" cute or something.
Ahh! Stay a baby a little longer and keep that tooth in please!!! =) I'll keep you updated on the loose tooth saga and the dentist debate will follow as well. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Idea in the War on Terror

Oh, I've already committed an error. There is no more War on Terror, although the Obama administration has not yet renamed it. What should we call it? We get attacked and then try to play nice? I don't know. Honestly I have very few opinions when it comes to the struggle that is going on beyond our borders, as I'm hoping that those in charge know better than me. The border is another soapbox that I'll stay off for now. This wasn't supposed to be a political entry though, more humorous. Let's see if I can get there!
There is discussion of how to treat prisoners of war...the war we are having or the war we are not having? Not sure. Anyway, do we allow torture if it means that we can save millions of human (and probably American) lives? Water-boarding among other forms of torture seen on my favorite counter terrorism show seem to not be humane so I have another suggestion. How about the said terrorist spends a day with my 3 children? That terrorist would be begging for his life and ready to tell anybody anything they ever wanted to know.
As I was getting my children ready this morning, the thought came to mind. This is seriously a form of torture. Anyone who has more than one child can attest to this. While getting the first child dressed, one can only guess what the other two are doing. Usually tearing apart my house, and specifically the kitchen. Every morning I go into Little Dude's bedroom and let him out of his crib. We then argue (every morning) whether his diaper is clean or dirty. Yes, every morning. I take off his diaper...some days it's wet, other days it's dry. We debate. He says, "Me clean mama" and I say, "Little Dude, you are wet". "No, me clean mama..." On and on it goes EVERY single morning. Then it's the choice of underwear. He wants to wear "man-man" every day. Translation: Superman or Spiderman. If I choose the wrong superhero all hell breaks loose. Spoiled? Yes, he's #3 and has been mainly raised by Boy that wrong?
We then argue about putting on socks. Keep in mind. It's 10 degrees outside. EVERY morning he says, "Mong Feet HOT, mommy". Translation: My feet are hot, mommy. Is there a hot foot disease? If so, we may need to see a doctor. This child ALWAYS has hot feet.
Ultimately, after complete exhaustion on my part (and it's only 8AM), Little Dude is finally dressed.
I check one off the list and head to Boy Wondertwin's room. I'm usually dragging that child out of bed around 8:15AM. He thinks he's a teenager already. He could sleep all day if I would let him (and don't tempt me.) I lay clothes out for him, tear his covers off and kindly ask that he get dressed. Thinking (but knowing better) that I had checked off child #2, I then move on to Girl Wondertwin's room. You'd think I'd learn by now but I'm surprised every morning to find that she has sneaked (has snuck??? I like the latter better) downstairs to watch NOGGIN. I yell downstairs for her to get her tail-end upstairs. While waiting for her to mosey upstairs under her own free-will, I check on Boy Wondertwin. I pass the bathroom to find that Little Dude is tearing the place apart while using his BOY PART to spray down the bathroom. I stop in to clorox the place and promptly move him in another direction. I finally reach Boy Wondertwin's room where he has found another blanket and is again asleep in his bed. I tear off his blankets and throw him his clothes. I start to put his shirt on him (even though he is almost 5! Ugh!) and he screams that he has to put on his underwear first. Of course he does. I give up and check on Girl WonderTwin. I summon her again, only to find Little Dude climbing on top of the barstool to reach for his own breakfast. I scream and rush to his safety before an inevitable plummet. I've saved his life at least a million times now.
The above scenario continues until all 3 children are wearing something slightly presentable. I don't care at this point. At least the important parts are covered. The bacon and eggs breakfast that I had intended becomes a cereal bar and we head off to the athletic club. Of course I've already gotten my workout for the day. We stand in line to place the children in the Kid's Club. I give the banschees a once over as I hand them off. Turns out Girl Wondertwin's hair hasn't been brushed and Little Dude has his shoes on the wrong feet. I give up and run to Cardio where I get to be alone for an hour and recharge before the cycle begins again.
Doesn't this sound like adequate torture to get any bit of information we ever needed from these "said terrorists"? I think it just might work!