Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was on the phone today with my friend Jen. It wasn't a long call. None of them are when you have 3 kids...She has 5 kids, hers are even shorter! She asked me about my trip to Disney and I proceeded to tell her how unappreciative and unthankful my kids are. I told her how all they do is complain. I should have noticed the irony as I griped to her how frustrated I was. Of course I didn't. I'm way too hard headed for that.

I was sitting in my chair and a half (I love that thing!) doing my Bible Study Fellowship homework. It's meant to be done over 7 days but I have a knack for doing it in one sitting. Don't tell my discussion leader! So I'm sitting alone in a quiet house (hallelujah!!!) reading Numbers chapter 11 and finishing my questions. Numbers 11 is a couple of years into the exodus out of Egypt. The Israelites are traveling through the desert and following a cloud. Up until this point they are living on manna, a miracle bread that came from the sky each morning. Apparently they got a hankerin' for some meat because they went to Moses, griping and complaining. The Israelites wanted Moses to produce meat for them to eat...out in the middle of the desert. Sound familiar moms?

After unceasing complaints, Moses goes to God and says that he can't handle it anymore. The people are complaining and he can't meet their needs. He asks God why He would put him in charge of so many ungrateful people (600,000 men plus women/children...probably 2 million or more in all.) I only have 3 and it's killing me! =)

God says to Moses, Consecrate yourselfs, I'm sending Quail. And not just a day's worth, or 10 or 20 days, but a whole month of Quail. So much Quail that it will come out of their nostrils. That is hilarious! Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? He decides to show the people (and Moses) who He is and that He will provide what they want...not necessarily what they need. (Be careful what you wish/pray for!)

It was at the end of chapter 11 of Numbers that I realized that I am an Israelite. I was blaming my kids for being unappreciative and ungracious but I'm the one complaining. I plan to complain less and hopefully be thankful more. I hope to raise kids who are appreciative and thankful for what they have and for what God has given them. I have a lot to be thankful for and instead of wishing for quail, I need to be thankful for the miraculous manna that He provides everyday.

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