Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm not getting political here but...

So, I've been stuck on my back all day because I've been slammed by the stomach virus that has now run through my entire family. Yuck! I hate this stuff. Since I might just have to hurl due to my illness, I'm blogging about something else today in order to maintain a solid stomach.
All I've heard all day long on the cable news stations is THE STIMULUS. I'm not an economist or anything but this just doesn't seem to make sense to me...nor does it make sense to the DOW since it lost 382! I get that banks need money in order to lend money. What I don't get is why we need to spend 1.3 TRILLION Dollars to bring our economy back. (BTW, it didn't work for Japan in the 90's.) If I run out and spend more than I have, I suffer. My credit score suffers, my future suffers and there are consequences.
Specifically, I don't understand why we are putting so much crap in this bill. Why is ACORN getting 4 BILLION dollars? Isn't this the same group who registered a Cleveland guy 87 times to vote? Is this really a good way to spend 4 billion dollars? Does ACORN need 4 billion dollars? Seems like they were successful in committing voter fraud on the budget they have now.
Another thing that is ticking me off (concerning this bill) is the stipulation that goes against religious groups meeting in public places. It says that if a college campus allows for Bible Studies or other religiious meetings on campus, that building will no longer be eligible for public renovation funds. This isn't just Christian meetings but ANY kind of public worship. After spending 11 years at a public universities (only 6 of those years were for education, 5 for employment), I've seen that a high percentage of all of the student groups at any of our countries' universities are religious. This is going to have an impact on our country in monumental ways. Why is this in the stimulus bill? How does this create jobs?
I really don't get it but in the future, I plan to vote for politicians who want to run government the way I run my household (I hope this doesn't make make me a Liberterian though...) If I can't afford it, I don't buy it. Why doesn't America understand that money is not limitless. Even for the best country in the world, we have limits...why can't we live by them?

I'm not naive. I know that hard times hit and sometimes there is no other choice. I have dear friends in that very same situation right now. This I understand. What I don't understand is why our government can hedge the futures of ourselves, our children and future generations for something that has a 30% chance of failing (Biden's percentage, not mine.) Why can't our government live within it's means? Then when we find ourselves in a situation like this, we would have a rainy day fund to back ourselves up? I just don't get it.
This is a link to No Stimulus. I signed this pettition, not because I think there is NO need for a stimulus, but this one needs to be radically revamped. Just my little opinion. Take it or leave it.


  1. I'm so bitter about the stimulus -- actually more about the one in the fall, and now I've given up caring momentarily. But WHY??? WHY on earth did we need to give all that money to banks that did a crummy job??

    And I love jobs creation. I love love love separation of church and state. But I don't quite get what they have to do with each other...? I can understand saying that a building has to house meetings of any religious groups and can't discriminate in order to be eligible for funds, but why disqualify them entirely?

  2. Right there with ya. I think a majority of America is too...unfortunately, Pelosi and Reid are making these decisions and they represent a very small percentage of a very liberal, socialist, left wing America. It's not right.

  3. Rainy day fund? What the heck is that? I wish I had one right now because we sure could use it. And nope I don't have fancy cars, flat screen tvs, and video game systems. But I do have a mortgage I would be able to easily afford if my husband hadn't gotten laid off and the normal bills that come with life. Sometimes a rainy day fund is a pipe dream.

  4. Yes, sadly a rainy day fund is a pipe dream for many of middle class families BUT it shouldn't be for the richest country and only SuperPower in the world.