Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Reminder...

"Mom, BWT (her brother who shall remain nameless) just peed on me..." I hear in a sing-songy, tattle-tale voice. It was coming from the bathtub. My daughter was taking a bath and apparently her twin brother thought it might be a good idea to climb in with her, unbeknownced to me. I run in there, turn off the water and drain the tub. Girl Wondertwin is just sitting calmly, waiting for the tub to refill. I ask her what happended and she repeats her last report. "BWT peed on me." As simple as that.

I don't think that would have been my reaction if someone peed on me and I CERTAINLY would not be sitting in the same tub that had just been peed in! Ick!

After telling BWT for the 48th time that he shouldn't pee in the tub (although this might be the first time that he actually did it on purpose...the last 47 times were just warnings not to do it in the first place) I went to tell my husband.
Of course he just smirks. I said, "You deal with that boy. I have no idea how to deal with a boy and a penis. Those things are beyond me."
Still laughing, J yells (from the kitchen), "BWT, don't pee on your sister."
Yep, thanks for the reinforcements! I just love parenting!

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  1. LOL, I think our boys could be friends. The other night at bath he told me he drank some of the water and I said "don't do that it's yucky from the soap." He gets this smirk on his face and remarks "annnd peee" I just have to roll my eyes.