Friday, February 20, 2009

Cardio Kickboxing...

is kicking my butt! Yikes! After about 6 months of treadmills and elipticals, I finally got up enough courage to venture into the land of cardio classes. It's an intimidating world. The women who take these classes are experienced. They even have their own little spot in the class. If you accidentally stake out their spot for that particular class, don't be surprised if they actually ask you to move. How dare you snake their imaginary spot.
I finally decided to brave those nasty women and make my own little niche in the world of cardio. About 4 months ago I tried a class called Latin Fusion. Apparently that class takes the coordination of a Russian ballerina because I was clearly the laughing stalk in that class...not that anyone laughed outwardly (except maybe the woman from whom I stole the "spot") but I know they were laughing inwardly. After that dreadful experience I swore off classes. That is, until I found my one true love. Cardio kickboxing! You see...I never was the ballerina. I never even danced at school dances. I was usually running around looking for cute boys with whom to flirt instead of stand around in a circle full of girls (and at least one guy who I think now is gay) and look like a fool. They didn't look silly, just me. I really have no groove.
Turns out, there is no need for groove when it comes to cardo kickboxing. The downfall of this class though is that I can't walk the next day. I'm not kidding. My arms hurt, my legs hurt and even my abs. Today I stayed for a 30 minute ab session. I won't even be able to sit up tomorrow. But maybe, just maybe, I MIGHT just resemble that pre-baby girl I once was. Okay, that's a dream but I'll settle for pre-baby #3 body.

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