Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My engagement ring...

I alluded to this earlier in some previous blog. I think it was the one about my Girl Wondertwin hoarding. Last night we found 2 pair of scissors, J's medicine, nail clippers and more money in her room. This has to stop. Okay, back to the to the "fake" engagement ring. Here's the scoop.

During my Texas years (Hubby and I lived there for 7 years b4 moving back to Ohio) we took a vacation to spend a week at my mom's house in Columbus. Silly me. I left my half carat diamond ring on an end table. When I went back to get it, it was gone. These were the years before kids so either I had misplaced it or my mother's insane dog got a hold of it. After much searching, we found our culprit. Unfortunately we were going to have to wait until it was fully digested by the canine. (He has a history of eating shiny an entire watch, band and all. The watch took a lickin', kept on tickin' just as the commercial promised.)

J and I went back to Texas after our 7 days in Ohio and asked my mom to keep a lookout for the engagement ring. After several days of "searching" the excrement in the yard (I have a great mom), she found my ring, but with no diamond. Instead of spending the insurance money on a new diamond, we decided to pocket it as savings and sanitize the band. We took it to a jewelry professional who reworked the ring with 4 new prongs and a new "diamond". Nothing but the best for me. I now have a one carat Cubic Zirconium in place of my real half carat diamond.

Under normal circumstances I might not have settled for a CZ but since I already had another engagement ring, I was content.

See, days after J purchased this ring for our engagement, his aunt informed him that his grandmother had willed to him her antique engagement ring. Too bad he had already bought this new ring because I was perfectly content with whatever he gave me. So, here I was, 24 years old, with 2 diamond engagement rings.

As frustrating as the whole dog-eating-diamond-engagement-ring incident was, it turned out to be a blessing because the insurance company settled our complaint just in time for some much needed padding in our savings account. God tends to provide in abundance for us...not in our timing but in His. I can now look back and see how this incident was used in my life to prove His faithfulness...although I would love to have that diamond back! =)

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  1. Thanks for the last part of this post. I'm trying to give my worry to God and have faith that we will provide for us in these tough times. It has given me a much needed sense of calm.