Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for the Tooth Fairy?

Lately I've been trying out all the classes that my health club has to offer. Thankfully I had just finished my spin class with an added 15 minute core class when it happened. As I walked out of the studio, I heard my name over the speaker. I was sure the Little Dude had an accident since he is newly potty trained. I rushed down there only to see Girl Wondertwin (GWT) standing right next to the entrance. I asked Miss Jackie about Little Dude but she indicated that GWT had blood on her arm but GWT wouldn't tell her where it came from or how it happened. I picked up GWT and began the mom inspection. As we reached the bathroom, I noticed a very swollen lip. I somehow convinced her to open her mouth and show me her teeth. Sure enough she had busted her lip. I reached for her tooth only to find it was VERY loose, to the point that I could have easily pulled it out. When I told her how loose her tooth was, she got a big smile on her face and said, "Am I gonna get money under my pillow?"
Seriously? The girl just kissed the hard gym floor with her lips and she's worried about whether the tooth fairy is coming or not? I'm the first to say that this girl CAN WHINE with the best of them but wow, is she brave. She didn't cry even though she may end up losing this tooth! Crazy girl.
I have to admit, I really DON'T want her to lose it. The vanity side of me took over. This poor girl. She'd be living almost 2 years without a front tooth.
I tried to convince her that it wasn't time to lose it and that she'd have a whole in her gums. That was the wrong thing to say. How do you explain to an almost 5 year old about losing teeth? It's complicated.
Thankfully, it's tighter every time I check it but I can see it falling out earlier than normal. I'm not ready for that. Once they lose that first top tooth it's like a rite of passage or something. That's like the sign that they are like REAL kids now, not little people. IDK, not as "baby" cute or something.
Ahh! Stay a baby a little longer and keep that tooth in please!!! =) I'll keep you updated on the loose tooth saga and the dentist debate will follow as well. Stay tuned.

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