Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is syncronized hurling an Olympic event?

No, not Curling. I did see that for the first time in the last Winter Olympics. I'm talking about Hurling! Like puking. We returned from our jaunt to Cinci and Ikea (more on that in future posting) around 10:30PM. Girl WonderTwin (GWT) had been complaining much of the trip about being thirsty. What don't they understand about mom not being a miracle worker? Like I can just make liquid appear while driving 70 miles per hour?
So, after arriving home we put the 3 banschees to bed and we sit down to unwind. All of a sudden we hear that dreaded sound of a 4 year old hurling her guts onto her pillow, bed, blankets, and stuffed animals (and whatever the heck else she sleeps with...which is currently a toy computer, a Hulk, a Fur Real Dog who barks, another that rolls over, $5 under her pillow (which she stole from my purse!!!), a $2 canadian dollar (where did she get that!!) and 18 other stuffed animals...did I mention the 9 My Little Ponies? Of course we found most of these things (like the $5 that I thought I had lost) AFTER she puked her gets out. So, we rush the little hoarder into the tub while rinsing out the garb. Ick! I hate that smell and it produces dry heaves in me EVERY time. Thank goodness my strong-stomached husband can deal with it.
Not even an hour after this event, we hear my 2 year old heaving. Same result, minus all the junk in his bed. He only sleeps with a HULK and Power Ranger, oh and a tractor, and a large ball. Is this normal?
So, the rest of the night the kids alternated their events with one synchronized hurl around 3AM. Gotta love my husband. He has so much compassion in events like this. Me? I just want to turn on my fan, roll over and pretend I can't hear them. Deal with the mess in the morning. Ugh. But of course I drag myself out of bed, hold my breath and start rinsing out sheets and running the 3AM!
What a night! Did anyone tell me parenthood would be like this when I signed up?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Rough night, huh? (My kids sleep with a bunch of weird random stuff too.)

    I sure hope you and the hubby don't get it. Yuck. Maybe it will be a quick thing and today they'll be on the mend. I hope.