Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Posts

I really try to post everyday. There is something quite therapeutic about it. I know that if I don't have time, my life is just a little too crazy. Well, yesterday was one of those days. We got up, had breakfast and went straight to the athletic club where I did my 50/50 class (half cardo kick-boxing and half total conditioning) as well as the core class after that.
I then drove the kids to my mom's house so they could spend the night...ah yea! After depositing my offspring, I ran a few errands and then came back to the house to complete the tagging process.
This weekend was the semi-annual Columbus Mother's of Twins Club sale. This thing does about $60,000 worth of sales in 6 hours. Pretty impressive. It's a bear to prepare for though because it means that I spend the entire 2 weeks beforehand, gathering, sorting, washing and tagging all of these clothes and toys. Then they need to be organized and ready for to be place on the sales floor in an orderly manner. Not an easy task! Thankfully though, it's my accountability to get things out of my house and prepare for the coming season. Thanks to God that it's spring that we are preparing for this time around. Come on Spring!!!
We left for the sale at 4:30PM and got to the sale floor at 5PM to set up. By 6Pm I had my place in line and I was ready to BUY!
After 2 hours, I had an entire stroller full of clothes...28 pieces of clothing for my daughter and 25 pieces for my son. There were also 6-8 toys that I purchased (including a 2 wheel bike with training wheels.) The grand total was $158. That will clothe all 3 kids (my 3rd child has more hand-me-downs than any child should so I didn't buy him clothes) from April until October. Not bad!
After the sale 5 girls and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for appetizers and drinks. I didn't get home til 1AM! What a day and what a night! Whoosh, I'm still exhausted but so refreshed and counting the days til the Fall Sale.

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  1. Sounds AWESOME! I love deals like that. I'm scoping out the twins club sales around here so I can shop for A -- luckily the boys get hand-me-downs from their cousins and H gets A's old stuff.