Saturday, February 21, 2009

So frustrating!

Okay, so I'm a total consignment sale shopper. Full price is ridiculous, in fact, sale prices are ridiculous. I went into Children's Place in January only to find 50% off sales. I asked the clerk when there would be further markdowns and then I left. I wasn't going to pay 50% off for those clothes when I can get some that are very similiar at a consignment sale or shop for much less. Several weeks after that Childrens Place incident I went to their website where I found 8 clothing items for $28 after shipping and taxes. Now that is my kind of sale.
Now, this is for my kids' clothes, mind you. If I'm shopping for myself you might find me at Banana Republic or Nordstrom. Not that I'm buying...I'm just shopping.
I've even started checking out consignment stores for my own clothing. At the Buffalo Exchange in Houston, I found a pair of Joe's Jeans (usually in the 100-200 range) for $32. I also bought 2 other pairs of jeans that day for a total of $64. That's not a bad way to buy high end jeans. I won't be buying Nordstrom jeans any time least til all 3 kids are out of college!
Our annual Twin Sale is coming up next weekend. This means chaos reigns at my house as a I ready EVERYTHING we own to be hauled to Hilliard for a giant sale. It does over 60,000 dollars worth of business in 6 hours. That's pretty impressive. Members get 90% of their sale price back while the other 10% goes to March of Dimes and other non-profit organizations.
This past Fall I bought my daughter several pairs of jeans in size 4. Unfortunately, she wore size 5. I REALLY didn't want to go to the real store to pay real money for this mistake but after a trip to our local consignment shop, I was relegated to Target for a pair of $8.99 jeans. I HATE to spend that much on jeans for a then 4 year old. Well, just 4 months after I bought those jeans there is a hole in the knee while the one pair of consignment jeans I found are in perfect condition. Ugh! That's why I love consignment shopping.
Oh, and my Joe's Jeans get worn almost everyday...with no holes!


  1. I should start shipping you A's clothes as she outgrows them. She is in size 6 now so I have a bin of size 5 clothes I can hunt through if you're interested.

    Have you ever gone to the twin sale in Dayton? It's HUGE. I love it but we probably won't make it back this year.

    I can't handle buying kids' clothes new because I worry too much about them getting stained. If I buy something used (and pay accordingly) I don't get so upset if something gets stained or torn.

  2. Thanks Jen! That's such a nice offer. Are you ever in Cbus anymore?
    I haven't been to the Dayton one but I hear that cbus is even bigger. It's pretty crazy how much stuff there is. The sale is pretty much how I clothe my kids. Like I said I don't pay for new clothes. I know there will be a day when they will only wear Justice for Girls or whatever that stuff is so I'm saving my pennies now. And yes, there is way too much ketchup in this world for new clothes! =)