Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

It's the Wondertwins' birthday, not mine. But I'm the one crying. Okay, not really since a tear is rare for me but I'm bitter. Close enough.
Am I the only mom out there who just gets tired of slaving over these kids only to get very little feedback? We had a small party since we're going to Disney for their actual birthday on Monday. Even with a small party, you know it's a lot of work. Thankfully my husband was very helpful in this process, and for him, I'm extremely grateful.
That being said, I feel like a letch. Is that a word? If not, it should be.
As a mom, I'm supposed to give and give and give. Bend over backward for my kids, just to give them a smile and a day to remember.
Well, I think this was accomplished but sometimes it just isn't a enough, you know? I slave away for days to make this a special day for them, only wake up this morning to complaining twins and a crying 2 year old. And by crying, I mean screaming and crying all morning, like that dramatic all out fit crying. He was in time out 3 times and got spanked too. Nothing seemed to work. Little Dude was in a mood. The twins weren't crying but all they would talk about was when they could eat their cake and open their presents, while asking me a million questions that I didn't have time to answer because I was readying the house for guests. It's a shame that I have to push the kids out of the way while I do something special for them. Something wrong with that.
Now, I can't really expect much from two 5 year olds and an almost 3 year old, right? But sometimes, just once in a while, I want some credit, some appreciation, some something. Some sign from my kids (not my husband, he is all about affirmation) that THEY appreciate me, that THEY see that I'm working my BUTT off for them. Is that really too much to ask???
Girl Wondertwin just brought me a picture she colored...gotta take what I can get.

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