Friday, February 13, 2009

Could I be raising a hoarder?

I'm a minimalist. I always have been (other than those pre teen years when I had 90 million stuffed animals on my bed) and always will be. The less the better...well for most things. I think men should always have hair on their head but that's beside the point. Compared to most of our friends, we have less toys, less food, less...well, everything. I say that but honestly, my kids have MORE than they need and MORE than I would like them to have. We have enough to make a mess and that's more than I want.

Over the past month or two I have noticed that a few things have turned up missing. I'm known to lose a thing or two...usually my cell phone. It's never lost mind you, just misplaced. Sometimes it's important enough to find at that moment. If I have a Pei Wei craving I MUST find the cell immediately to have J pick it up on his way home. But, if I have to call my MIL back? It might be a few days til my phone turns up. That's just how I am.

My daughter? Turns out she might be the exact opposite. She just happens to have the smallest room in the house (DON'T tell HER that!!!) and also the biggest mess. It's rare that you can see the carpet in her room. Her twin brother? As different as can be. He has an organizational file for all of his Spiderman clippings and super hero drawings...they number in the hundreds.

Tonight I was packing for Disney when I noticed my engagement ring was missing. (Fortunately this is the one with the CZ in it...long story but DEFINITELY worth a future blogging.) So, I start searching all of my usual my bed, in the master bath near the sink, in the shower. You know, all the places women put their wedding rings. I realize it's gone. Instead of panicking, I stomp into my daughter's room, wake her up and demand that she tell me where my ring is.

After some pursuasion, she takes me to her Little Tikes vanity where she has stashed my wedding ring, engagement ring and a few other things that don't belong to her. J decides to step in. After pressing her further, we find my compact the oven of her kitchen. What is wrong with her? Oh, and Amanda, if you are reading this, she has a mermaid ring that belongs to Emma.

Yep, she's a hoarder. I picture that woman who can't even get into her apartment or has to sleep on the floor in the middle of trash because of her problem.
Someone PLEASE!!! Tell me this is normal 5 year old behavior...

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