Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things that go bump in the night...

I was about to post concerning my love/hate relationship with the Oscars when something took precedence. I'm lying in bed working on my computer. My husband is next to me...he's out though. Breathing hard, almost to the point of snoring. I HATE it when people are dead to the world while I'm awake. It's just not fair. Since I took a vacation, I've been working all weekend to catch up. Not just housework (and 4 suitcases to unpack) but my "real" job too. I'm a communication specialist for a marketing company (it sounds fancy but really isn't.) Anyway, I was online working when I heard a huge bang out in the hallway. Not a clue what it was but the dilemna struck as it always does. The house is dead quiet, everyone is asleep and there is a big loud bang in the hallway or kitchen. What do I do? Do I venture out to see what it is? NO! No Way! I'm way too chicken for that. In younger years I would have awakened J to do my dirty work. I've learned that I need to make sure it's a mass murderer before I awake sleeping beauty. So, I lay here for a few more minutes, listening intently for more bumps. At this point the heater comes on and I can't hear a thing. Nice timing. Anyway, I've given up. I don't hear anything else and I know I'll pay the piper if I wake up my sleeping bodyguard. Sweet dreams to him while I sit and tremble. If I don't post tomorrow, check the papers. I may have been slain by the thing that went bump in my hallway.

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