Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Greatness of America

I spent the afternoon at Chick-Fila after a morning at Bible Study. I just love Chick-Fila. That says something coming from me since I cringe anytime I'm forced to step foot in McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant. It could have something to do with the roach that I found in my ice cream at McDonald's or the terrible food poisoning I got from my Wendy's salad. Chick-Fila is different. I feel relaxed there. My friend Wendy and I sat at a table in the quiet adult section of the restaurant while our both sets of our twins (as well as Little Dude) ran around like maniacs in the sound proof play area. Thank you God for sound proofing! =)

Anyway, after seeing two high school friends pass by us (in their grown-up work clothes while I scrunge in my "play clothes"...but that's another post all together) Wendy and I braved the cage where the children were playing. We sat down in the play area and talked while readying the children for departure (this is a 30 minute process, as you know.) A woman entered with a thick Brittish accent. After talking for a few minutes we asked her about her origin. She was indeed from England. She told us her whole life story, ending up in the US after meeting her husband a computer services chat session. Eventually she moved to the US, with dread.

It was interesting to hear a Brit's perspective on our homeland. She grew up being told that Americans were arrogant and self-centered, only concerned for themselves. Interesting considering the outcome of World War II, but I digress. Anyway, after living here for a few years she has realized that this brainwashing she received in England is not even close to the truth. She understands now that we are proud of our country, that we are a land worth fighting for.

She had more pride as she spoke of AMERICA than most Americans do-especially these days. More times that I can count, I see facebook postings of Americans saying, "It can't get worse than it is now." Are you kidding?? There are Americans who believe that the sky is falling. They believe that things are so bad, that they can't get worse. I have to ask. Have these people ever been outside of the United States of America? This Brit has seen the best and worst of England as well as the best and worst of America. She chooses America. Americans should follow her lead.

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