Saturday, February 7, 2009

Off to the Nati~

It's my cousin's 40th birthday today. As I've found out over the past six months, a 40th birthday is a big deal. My SIL and her hubby turned 40 this year along with all of their friends. I'm still several years away, thankfully, but it's on the horizon. Aging is such an odd thing. I don't even realize it until I look in the mirror and see a new wrinkle that wasn't there the day before. Recently I've been running into friends from high school. That might be where I see the passing of time most obviously. If my friends are aging, I must be too. Bummer.

So we're heading down to Cincinnati in the Toyota Sienna. Me, my husband, 3 kids and my mom. All kinds of good times. Fortunately it's only 2 hours away! We plan to stop by the IKEA on the way down, certainly the highlight of our trip. They have a kid center there where you drop off the little ones and actully SHOP! Crazy. I can't wait! The last time I was in IKEA I dropped $150 without blinking an eye..and I'm as frugal as they come. Wish me luck. Hope to get out of there under $50...yea right!


  1. Please update on the IKEA stop. Also, on the frugality. We moved away from Cincinnati right before the IKEA opened -- curses!!!! I am desperate to go there one day when I have lots o' cash!

  2. Here's my IKEA advice, don't go on a weekend. I'll blog about my experience was INSANE.