Monday, February 9, 2009

Here a Puke, There a Puke, Everywhere a Puke-Puke

We're still puking around here. Funny thing about puking, with my kids anyway. They can look completely recovered, go 12 hours without vomiting and then just hurl wherever they want, whenever they want. For instance, Little Dude was running around like a banschee yesterday, having a ball (after puking the whole night before.) We stayed home from church and canceled our friends' pancake breakfast so we could be home all day. No one puked from about 7AM til 3AM the following day. I wake up at 3AM hearing "Daddy, KEEN MEEE, Mommy, KEEN Mee". I rush into his room, only to find Little Dude holding some puke in his hands and a big spot on the sheets. Ugh, I thought we were done with this.
Kids woke up around 8AM and I took a survey of how everyone was feeling. Judging by the mess they had managed to make in only 15 minutes of being awake, I decided everyone was healhty enough to head to the atheletic club for my favorite class of the week, Cardio Kick Boxing.
About half way through the class I was praying that one of the kids would vomit because that class was kicking my no avail. I completed the class and even got to do the 30 minute ab conditioning afterward. (side note: I may not post tomorrow if I can't walk to my computer...I'm gonna be sore!)
I pick up the kids and after going over to the church to register Little Dude for preschool, we come home. We're in the house mere seconds before Boy Wondertwin (BWT) pukes everywhere. He was the one who didn't get sick the other night. Thankfully BWT made it to the bathroom for the 2nd round of fun. Now he's playing like nothing ever happened and he's fighting me about taking a nap. Can't be too sick!
There is nothing worse than a puking toddler...Oh, maybe one. Puking parents. Please God, spare us!

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