Saturday, October 31, 2009

Krazy in Kindergarten

So there is this little thing going on in my twins' Kindergarten class and I don't like it. With 6 girls and 15 boys in the class, it appears that they are pairing off. My daughter comes home and tells me (over and over again) that her boyfriend is "so and so". She then goes on to name almost every girl in her class and who they are girlfriends' with. Here's the sad part.

On the way home the other day Boy Wondertwin (BWT) said, "Mom, I don't have a girlfriend."

I said, "That's okay. You're don't need a girlfriend."

BWT said, "But Mom, I don't really want a girlfriend but Kelly isn't my girlfriend".

Confused, I inquired, "Well, buddy, was Kelly ever your girlfriend? Did she tell you she was your girlfriend"

BWT answered, "Well, we painted together during free time so I thought we were "boyfriends" but now she likes Mike."

A sad little pang hit me but I was also torn because let's face it. These kids are 5and it's just too early for drama and broken hearts.

At the class Halloween party I discovered who might be responsible for promoting this silliness. A mom leaned down to greet her daughter and she said, "Now show me which one is Doug". After the little girl showed him which one he was the mom responded, "Oh, baby, he is sooooo CUTE!!!"

Innocent puppy love is cute and I too remember chasing boys on the playground as a Kindergartener but maybe it's going too far when a 5 year old boy is lamenting over NOT having a girlfriend or another 5 year old girl is heartbroken because a certain boy has dumped her. Really?

My question is this a normal part of growing up and typical of a Kindergartener or are there parents behind this (like the one mentioned above) egging this on? Can't we just enjoy our little ones right where they are?

P.S. All names have been changed to protect the innocent...or not so innocent.

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  1. The mother of Doug's girlfriend is nuts. Much of what you are talking about is normal, but, I agree that it isn't something that we ought to enourage as parents. Sheesh!

    Doug heard it here first should he grow up to marry that childhood sweetheart one day.