Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Acne at 35?

Yep, I'm 35 and I've just encountered my first bout with acne. And yes, I'm bitter. I finally bit the bullet and made a dermatologist appointment yesterday. I was able to get in the same day for what I thought would be a little tlc and sympathy.


Friends I have with a lot of derm experience tell me that dermatologists have the least bedside manner of any doctor. I thought I'd get a "Wow, acne at 35? That stinks. Let's see how we can take care of that."

Instead she had no answers and basically rushed me out of her office. Good news is that she gave me Retin A which will take care of those minor lines and wrinkles that I've recently developed. Since I received my prescription 48 hours ago, 2 friends have already tried to swipe my Retin A. I guess it's a valuable "street" drug. =)

A good friend seemed to think that the breakouts were a result of all the working out that I do. Unfortunately the Dermatologist had no answers for me nor did she want to even think about the cause. Drugs are the answer I guess. It's disturbing to me that doctors aren't concerned with causes...only making the problem go away.

So the teenage years are still raging here. I'll keep you posted on the results.


  1. I stumbled over to your blog from Diagnosis Urine - I hope you don't mind a stranger commenting. I'm an acne expert and have run the gambit with dermatologists and finally found one who is awesome. You are right, most of them are stupid and unsympathetic and treat you like you are just being vain or something. Look for a dermatologist who also does botox and other cosmetic procedures. They seem to be more sympathetic and "up to date" on the newest treatments. Good Luck! (acne is crap - especially when you are in your 30's and don't expect to be dealing with that)

  2. Thanks for the sympathy, Princess! I needed it!