Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Last Post Concerning My Latest Obsession

My friend Anne thought I was referring to those 80's Eastlands. Remember those??? They were totally flat, no heel whatsoever. If you were cool you curley-qued the laces so you didn't have to tie them. I'm pretty sure that was the same time period as the "pegging" (or rolling) of the jeans. I could be off on my timetable though.

Anyway, I posted the shoes with jeans to show that admittedly they are ugly but not THAT ugly. Granted, I don't run around in them all the time but sometimes UGLY shoes are necessary...don't you think?

And NOTICE...I'm not wearing those SKINNY jeans either. WHO can look good in those things? I have a pair of skinny pants that I ONLY wear with tall boots...even a super model can look "pear-shape" in skinny jeans. Just my opinion.


  1. I was thinking about this yesterday, and decided that your daughter has high fashion standards because she has a personal shopper bringing her an all-new wardrobe every few months. I have a pair of shoes I bought in 1995 and I still wear them. Proudly. (Except not recently because they need to be polished.)

  2. Ooh, polish might be a good idea. You are right. She does have a personal shopper. If I had one of those life would be so much easier. I tried on 17 pieces of clothing at Filene's basement and only bought 2. Shopping is so difficult.