Sunday, November 1, 2009

Potty Talk

How come no one told me how hard it would be to keep the toilet clean? With 2 boys in this house, 1 husband and 3 toilets, I'm pretty sure it could be a full time job just to keep these grimey bathrooms clean. Any secrets out there?

I'm about to break out the cherrios again to help Little Dude with target practice. It really isn't pretty.


  1. A.) Make them sit down
    B.) Choose a bathroom strictly for you and the guests
    C.) I am told the above is great advice, if only I would use it.

  2. I try to make mine sit down but they rebel. Ugh. And, sitting down doesn't *always* remedy the problem.

    I make mine come clean up the pee, if I sort of know who did it.

    I caulked around the base of our toilet, so no pee can get where I can't reach.

    But yeah, our bathrooms are SO. GROSS.

  3. I know. I really would like to follow rules A, B, and C but so far it just hasn't happened.