Friday, November 20, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

I will not go down in history as the best cook ever...or even one who could necessarily hold her own in the kitchen but this one takes the to speak.

About a week ago I decided to make chicken  and dumplings.  There is not a better cold weather food in the whole world.  Having made the Cracker Barrell recipe in the past, I didn't give a second thought to the recipe.  I pulled out the first two or three necessary ingredients and got started.

After it was too late to turn back (or turn it into another fatal concoction) I remembered that I had used all the flour in my last batch of chicken and dumplings.  Stumped, I started searching the pantry.  The desperation took hold as I can across an unlabled ziploc bag with white, flour-like contents.  I didn't give it a second thought.  Wanting to believe it was flour, I went ahead with my plan.

After mixing the water and "flour", I noticed the consistency was off.  I just figured I hadn't added enough flour so I went ahead, added more and then threw it in the broth.

That evening at dinner I wasn't getting the oohs and awes that I'd elicited on previous nights when I served this meal.  I also thought there was something a little off about it...and it was the dumpling.

It wasn't until this morning (more than a week later) when I was again in my pantry trying to concoct something (non frozen and somewhat fresh) for breakfast adn I ran across the unlabeled ziploc bag.  Wanting to believe it was pancake mix this time, I decided to taste it.  Yep.  Pancake mix.

No wonder there was something off about my Chicken and Dumplings.  On the brightside, we had a lovely breakfast this morning.

PS.  The Cracker Barrell recipe is linked above in case you want to try it with flour instead of pancake mix.  Moral of the story...label ziploc bags.

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  1. You are a brave woman. I would have had to scratch the whole project and order pizza.