Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bath Time

What is the acceptable amount of baths for a child in one week?  Is it 10?  5?  3? 

My hypothesis is that it's all about the number of kids you have in your home and how many of them are able to bathe themselves.  I know several families who have only one child and these kids are the cleanest people I know.  Some of these moms claim to bathe these children twice a day.  There was a time in my kids' lives where my three were lucky to get 2 to 3 baths a week. We're up to 3 or 4 now.  More in the Summer of course.

Just feeling a little guilty after talking to a 1 kid mom.  


  1. Twice a day? That's crazy. That isn't even good for a child's skin. We for sure fall on the low end. First, there is the practical side. Filling the tub six times a day is not cost effective, nor is it necessary. We save both the water and the money by letting the big kids take a quick shower every other day and giving the babies a bath every two days. Sometimes I pull my three year old in the shower with me, that child is a dirt magnet!

  2. I think my kids got a bath last week. All girls, so I pile em in all at once. They don't even notice yet. I'm THAT mom.

  3. Ok girls. I'm feeling better now. Thanks.