Sunday, November 29, 2009

And Bob's Your Uncle

Okay, this one cracked me up and I had to research it.  I was watching a home improvement show on HGTV.  It was a brittish show host working with Americans and American homes.  She was demonstrating how important it is to have a clean house when you are on the market.
She was standing in front of "the cooker" or stove and explaining how easy it was to replace the metals around the coils.  She said, replace the rim and the ring, and bob's your uncle, you've got yourself a new cooker.  Thankfully I was watching the tv that has a DVR on it so I rewound.  Sure enough, she said, "and Bob's your uncle".  It's now my personal goal to spread this throughout America.  Join me.'s_your_uncle

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  1. Sweet! Actually, I think I need to do that today.