Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today I was walking through the fitness club parking lot with my 3 children (any mom's favorite thing to do, right?). There were several cars waiting for one spot. An old man took the spot (prematurely, apparently) and a 30ish mom in a minivan sat there and honked like a crazy woman. She was TICKED that this man took her spot and displayed her dismay.

Why is it sooo important that these people have the BEST spot in the lot when they there whole purpose for being there is to walk/run/step or whatever. The point is to get a workout right? If I hadn't been pulling out of a closer spot, I think this woman would have had it out with this old man. Thankfully I played peacemaker in this scenario and gave this grumpy woman a better spot.

If it had been raining or really cold...or if she had 3+ kids? I could kinda get it but really. She was a 30ish mom ALONE in a minivan and was ready to come to blows with a 60ish year old man.

How ridiculous is this world.

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