Monday, November 30, 2009

Deals All Around

I can't help myself.  I'm really getting into Cyber Monday this year.  There are amazing deals everywhere I look. No worries though, as soon as I get excited the frugalista in me jumps out and takes over.   I hate spending money and I'm all about the numbers getting BIGGER in the bank account, not smaller.
This being said, I feel great about spending money when I know I'm making a smart decision.
Today I received an email in my junk account for Crazy 8.  It's owned by Gymboree but their prices are better.  Basically they compete with Childrens Place (TCP). 

I've not found a more affordable clothing store than TCP.  This is saying a lot coming from a person who does the majority of her (kid) shopping at a semi-annual consignment sale.  In fact, the prices I find at Childrens Place often rival my consignment sale AND I'm able to sell most of the clothes for the same price for which I bought them.  Oh, I love that.  I can't even tell you what that does for me.

Since I'd already purchased the deals I wanted during free shipping Friday (side note: today is also free shipping at TCP, fyi),  I ventured off to surf Crazy 8 today.  I'd been to the site in the past and found it to be much more expensive so I never went back.  Today though I hit the jackpot.  I found 11 pieces of clothing for $45 dollars AND I got $20 in Crazy 8 Bucks to spend in January.  Now, I fully realize that I'll have to go to Crazy 8 in Jan when there may or may NOT be good sales...and I'll have to spend $20 to get $20 off but the 11 items for $45 was good enough for me. 

Boy Wondertwin (BWT) got 4 long sleeve shirts (for next Winter) and 4 Tshirts (for next Spring).  Girl Wondertwin got 2 long sleeve shirts (for next Winter) and 1 pair of very nice jeans for next Winter.
I'm all about buying ahead for the following season because my savings is unbelievable.  The thing to remember though is the shopping season ends just as the real season is getting started.  I went to Gap last year after Christmas and they had Spring stuff sales to be found.  TCP is later, thankfully.  Even though I've bought ahead some, I plan to hit the outlets at the end of January and stock up on 7/8s for the twins.

If you plan to check out Crazy 8 or ANY retail store today (it is Cyber Monday after all) be sure to sign up under a site like Ebates or Cashbaq.  That way you can get a percentage of your sale via paypal.  Also, don't forget to go to to get the best deals via coupon codes.

Happy Cyber Monday to YOU!

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