Friday, November 6, 2009

Enough to Make You Sick

As I've blogged previously, we purchased a foreclosure almost 2 years ago and it has been nothing but renovations for 23 solid months.

I would list it all but you'd probably never read my blog again. It's not exciting reading. Suffice it to say (I love that phrase...although I used to think it was sufficit) we have renovated almost everything that COULD be renovated in a home. Our last major projects are the kids' bathroom and the master bath.

Just today I was saying how easy those will be compared to what we've been through so far. J said, "Oh, don't say that". I'm not a superstitious person and didn't see a problem thinking optimistically.

Until this happened.

I'm just sick.


  1. Oh no!!! Search the internets and see if there is some way it can be repaired to make it unnoticeable!

  2. Oh no! How did it happen, did it get dropped or was there a weak spot somehow?

  3. Oh no, we dropped it. Nice.