Monday, November 2, 2009

You Decide

Okay, so I posted last week how I wore a pair of shoes on the Kindergarten field trip and Girl Wondertwin was just appalled. I admitted that they aren't my favorite shoes either but because of their pragmatic attributes, I wear them on rare occasions...basically times when I can't wear a heel. The complete post is here.

My question is:

Are they really as ugly as my 5 year old daughter says? I mean...I know they are UGLY but really, they need to be trashed? I just don't want to be THAT mom.

One of these days I'll post one of her favorite outfits that she puts together. We'll vote on that one too.


  1. They aren't that bad. Of course, my standards are pretty low, I just aim for pairs that don't have spit up on them. If I were stringent in my conviction, some days, come evening, that would mean that I'd have to walk the dogs in heels.

  2. I think she was being harsh! Granted, I'm no fashion-plate myself so maybe people are laughing at me behind my back because my 7-year-old *doesn't* critique my outfits. But the moms I see at the farm field trips aren't dressed up, and the one mom who volunteers a lot and always dresses like she's going to a club gets snickered at a bit. By me. Because she's cuter than me and I'm jealous, and also because she really struggles to walk on wet, uneven ground in her platform sandals.

    (BUT she is really cute and does volunteer a lot and I feel bad that I'm such a crummy person that I laugh at her, and I will work on that in the future.)

  3. After I read your post, I was expecting the Eastlands that we all had in jr high, where you used to curly-cue tie the laces....or....the infamous bucks from high school popular early '90sish. Honestly, these aren't so bad....

  4. OK, I'm laughing ANNE! If i was wearing those curly cue eastlands, not only should they be thrown away but I should be shot like a horse, put out of my misery. I took a picture while wearing them and they do look better when they are on. At least according to me, my fashionless self.