Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Failing on the Foodfront

So, just a question for my fellow parents out there.  What is the respectable amount of times that a child can eat pizza, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese in one week?  I'm pretty sure we've busted right through that number this week and it's only Wednesday.  Children can flourish on Tyson Nuggets, right?

Any new child friendly food tips out there?  I'm needing some healthy quick meals for those times when we aren't sitting down for a family meal.  When we do sit down for dinner (maybe 3-4 times per week) the kids eat what I make but it's those off nights where I'm pretty sure my kids are living on preservatives...I hate that.

Oh yea, and did I mention the frozen pancakes and frozen waffles?  Ugh.


  1. Happy Baby has a 'kid' line that has 'fried' mac n cheese bites that have a ton of hidden veggies, as does the sauce it comes with. They also have just sauces that can be heated with chix nuggets that have lots of veggies. Other than that, I'm out of ideas because you've just described our weekly menu.

  2. Hello. Found your blog through our homeade family which I found through Viv above. Bell and Evans puts out a good organic chicken nugget. Also, it's real easy to make them yourself with organic ch. breast and panko and they come out crispy and light. Trader Joe's and Kashi make a good organic whole wheat crust pizza.