Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feelin' All Bloggy

Since I'm feelin' all bloggy today, I just had to post this.

I'm in awe. 

She's like a modern day princess or something.

I don't want their life nor the stress/responsibility that rests on their shoulders but just once.  JUST ONCE.

I'd love to have an evening like that.  It's like she pulled up in a horse drawn chariot or something.

She looks amazing.

He on the other hand...looks kind of goofy.  Just being honest.


  1. I totally agree with you. She is gorgeous, and in that picture he looks like an usher trying to hit on a movie star or something. Hilarious!

  2. Beautiful women make all men look goofy -- even the President, I guess!

  3. She is the epitome of grace and style!! I agree with you Kristy, she does look like a princess!