Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earning Their Keep?

I was in a mad rush today.  After the gym we ran home and stuffed our faces in order to get the kids on the Kindergarten bus and Little Dude to preschool.  I had to jump in the shower too.
After fixing the kids lunch, I jumped in the shower.  With soapy hair, I realize there is no bar soap in the shower.
Apparently hubby had run out and took my bar to his shower. Grr.

Doing what any mom would do (who couldn't afford another day without soap!!!) started screaming for the kids' help.  Finally all three of them show up in my bathroom.  I explain to them what I need and they all run away.

I kid you not, each kid brought something into my bathroom a total of 7 times each. 
They brought:  Liquid soap, hand soap, conditioner, cleaning products of many different varieties, and who knows what else.  It was literally 10 minutes (and remember, we were in a hurry) Boy Wondertwin found a bar of soap.

Why don't my children know what soap is and when will they start earning their keep around here?

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  1. I must confess, I have a soap fetish. There is a lady who makes her own goat's milk soap at our farmer's market. I have soap in many sizes, shapes, and sculptures. The rest of this however, rings true. An example from last night, my oldest child was screaming for a roll of bathroom tissue. I was elbow deep in making dinner and the rest of the kids were on the couch. I finally asked if they could hear their brother. "Yep," they said, "we're mad at him though, so he is just gonna have to wait."