Friday, December 4, 2009

Bakugan Hell

This is actually a Bakugan Alarm Clock but it is basically a large version of my sons' obsession.  Almost a year ago today I saw my first Bakugan Ball.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  My sons soon got their first Bakugan Balls and we've been all about it ever since.  The bad thing about these little things is that they are VERY easy to break and even EASIER to lose.

Take today for example.  Little Dude received a Bakugan Ball as a gift yesterday and for 24 hours straight he had this thing in his little mitts.  We headed out to the mall today to use a 15% off coupon that I'd forgotten the last time I was there.  (Side Note:  It took this girl 15 minutes to return and then "re-sell" me the items I purchased just days ago.  I even had to tell her HOW to do it. I haven't worked retail since college.  Grr.)

Somewhere along the way, Little Dude had left his new Bakugan Ball.  As the cashier struggled with my purchases, the woman behind me said that she had just seen a Bakugan Ball in the bathroom by the playland.  I left the struggling cashier and booked it to the bathroom.  Guess what?  No Bakugan Ball.  You know some grubby kid grabbed that $6 ball as soon as he saw it.  His mom probably encouraged it knowing how much those obnoxious things cost.   

I don't have to tell you that Little Dude screamed the whole way home.  I have a stash of Bakugan Balls as stocking stuffers but I may take them back.  I know they really love these things but if he is going to leave a trail of $6 Bakugan Balls everywhere we go, I just can't go there.

It's just a season, right?  He won't be 3 forever.


  1. I too am fascinated with Bakugan balls. I'm glad I'm not the only adult woman who thinks they're cool. I saw my first one over the summer. Luckily the boys haven't caught on to them yet. Does Little Dude have a backpack or something he could carry them in if he takes them out? Poor guy. I feel for him. And I know you're not taking those balls back -- they're too cool.

  2. Oh my gosh, my 4 yr old wants some of these now too. Aren't they for older kids?!? Someone hit a jackpot on this one.